UK can make cargo visas easier: EG Caps fuel purchasing power crisis

(Bloomberg) – Britain seems to be allowing thousands of European truckers to work in the country temporarily as the government seeks to curb fears over gas stations due to a shortage of drivers.

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The EGG Group, which owns a fish retailer, is restricting ደንበ 30 per customer at all fuel levels due to an unprecedented level. Some BP PLC

Voters in the country are facing growing fuel and food shortages as well as rising living costs. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet are now pushing for a change in policy, despite a crackdown on refugees seeking to oust them from the European Union.

Key insights:

  • Many stations in the London area ran out of gas on Friday.

  • Queues indicate that Bretz’s red lines are beginning to crack.

  • Johnson has paved the way for a speedy supply shortage, the Financial Times reported.

  • Winder weather and new power cord from Norway to ease some pressure.

EG Group restricts fuel purchases (11:21 pm UK)

EG Group introduces a 30 30 limit per customer at all fuel levels between “Unprecedented customer demand and associated supply challenges”.

According to the email, all EG Group UK sites will remain open and operational. Restrictions do not apply to heavy vehicles and emergency service drivers.

UK prepares for truck U-Turn (5:00 pm)

The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that the government would issue up to 5,000 short-term visas to European truck drivers. Home Secretary Pretty Patel has previously stated opposition to such a plan, the paper said.

“We are looking at temporary measures to address any emergencies,” a Doing Street spokesman said in an earlier statement. But any action we promote will be very strictly time-limited.

Sciencebury closes some pump stations (6:09 pm)

British retailer Sansbury has shut down a few pump stations in the country, citing a shortage of truck drivers.

“Our small gas stations are temporarily closed,” the company said in an email. All our stations are getting more fuel and we will reopen it as soon as possible.

Oil queues highlight Brexit Fallout (5:17 pm)

Voters’ food and fuel shortages and rising living costs are causing the red lines of the Boris Johnson Brexit project.

Johnson and his ministers are now on the brink of a break-up campaign that promises to cut immigration to the European Union. ዞ ዞ ዞ ዞ ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል ሯል . UK supply chain.

Some gas stations in London without fuel (5:07 pm)

In those areas, Bloomberg reporters reported that several Shell stations in London and the Southeast were evacuated on Friday.

He declined to comment further, saying the company was planning to re-plan oil supplies in the UK amid growing demand at some sites. “In some cases, it can lead to big queues,” he said.

Separately, a spokesman for the company confirmed that at least 50 BP network UK service stations had at least one level of fuel shortage.

No fuel shortage, motor vehicle group (2:47 pm)

“There is no shortage of fuel and thousands of courts are suffering from some temporary supply chain problems,” said Edmund King, president of the British Motors Group.

Occasionally, if the gas station is temporarily closed, others on the road will be left open, so drivers should not be out of their normal routine because they are always busy on service stations on Fridays and weekends.

Britain to ease regulations for truck drivers – FT (2:04 pm)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has authorized ministers to pass immigration laws to allow more foreign truck drivers into the country, the Financial Times quoted an unnamed source as saying. Johnson issued instructions to rectify the situation, the individual told FT.

British retailers warn of Christmas breakdown (1:39 pm)

The UK has a shortage of about 90,000 truck drivers, and if there are not enough in 10 days, “we will inevitably see a major upheaval just in time,” said Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability. British Retail Association. According to the group, that deadline is important because retailers will start building on Christmas supplies in October.

The BRC government, which represents 170 major retailers in many sectors, wants the government to create temporary work visas to fill the gap for imported drivers, OPP said.

Energy crush hits British vegetables (1:33 pm)

In the last example of how the country’s food sector is booming, the price of growing young English tomatoes, pumpkins and peppers is rising.

The plants are not suitable for growing in the English climate, but can be grown in a warm greenhouse. Although the season for growing crops such as tomatoes is approaching, farmers will soon be planting seedlings for next year’s harvest, said Nigel Jenny, head of the Fruit Consortium.

That recent gas costs are particularly worrying, as those glass planters need to be warmed up in the winter before the weather dies down. Increasing energy bills are a “huge additional burden” on adolescents, and some may cut or delay plants, Jenny said.

Miners to see long-term effects of energy crisis (1:21 pm)

According to Swedish mining company Boliden AB, an unprecedented jump in energy prices will hit miners in the coming years. The company has signed a new 15-year contract to provide an advanced refining machine in Norway.

“Contracts need to be renewed sooner or later. But they are written, and they will eventually suffer because of market conditions, ”said Matt Gustavson, vice president of Bolingen Energy. Of course, operating costs have increased.

Some Iso stations still damaged (12:34 pm)

According to an Exxon spokesman, a small number of ISO-branded pumping stations are still somehow affected by the UK oil outage.

The affected sites are within 200 stations of the Tesco Alliance business, which means there is a Tesco store on site. Exxon facilitates fuel supply to Tesco Alliance distributors. The UK has an additional 1,000 iso-identification sites, but the supply has been adjusted by other companies.

Large queues at filling stations (12:25 pm)

Fuel is still available as long as you are ready to wait. Lines were built outside Ashford, Kent lunch, outside Eso and BP stations, and long queues outside the city, in addition to Tesco.

There was a similar painting in southeast London at West Wickham, with drivers waiting to fill the Shell exit.

Ll will see tight gas market until 2025 (12:02 pm)

Citing a sales event with the company, he expects the global natural gas market to remain strong until 2025.

According to the statement, because buyers are aware of the need for a stable, reliable long-term supply, the price area for temporary contracts is improving and “it is a reseller market,” the statement said. He has managed to take advantage of the basics of the attractive gas market, but the current situation is much worse and has developed faster than expected.

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