UHI ‘No More Vanity Courses’

Professor Todd Walker.

The new leader of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) said the future of the university is in line with the fast-growing economic sectors.

Australian Academic Professor Todd Walker took over the position of Principal and Deputy Chancellor in February, but only in the event of an outbreak did he relocate to Inneris last month.

With 40,000 students, a multi-campus extension and higher education institution, now a U.S.

In his first interview after coming to Scotland, Professor Todd warned of the days of “futile courses” – fields that have little to do with work, industry and development – that would be a thing of the past in UHI.

“The university has, among other things, launched a curriculum review that examines human resources and needs.

“The assessment is in the early stages and will take two to three years to complete.

To train talent in the region is to train talent.

One of the major priorities for the next five years is ensuring that the courses and trainings we offer are aligned with the growth of the economy.

I record that the days of the vanity course, class, or subject are over.

We are not here to study where there is no direct employment, where the market or the sector is growing.

In centers such as Crommarti Fitt Harbor, the renewable energy sector is one of the potential areas.

Professor Todd adds: “It is just one of seven or eight different sectors that began to grow.

“That is one of the great things about Scotland today.

“You can begin to see this energy, built around many industries, coming back to the economy.

Our role – and we have a duty of care here – is to equip that future workforce to stimulate that growth.

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