U.S. airlines fear losing European gas orders to Russia

as if Joe Carol On 10/10/2021

(Bloomberg) – US regulators are worried that rising Russian natural gas exports will reduce their market share in Europe.

U.S. gas exporters are already running out of oil, but as US oil exports expand, some domestic manufacturers are desperate to increase sales in the red-hot European market. Kansas City is in the quarterly energy industry survey. Some oil supplies, such as drilling rigs, are called gas-fired because US gas production is expected to increase.

U.S. oil production will increase in the coming years, with more and more gas added. Russia’s demand is reduced by the US market share, and European demand is more satisfied. The region covers important oil and gas states such as Oklahoma and Wyoming, as well as New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska.

Europe’s big economy is on the verge of a catastrophic winter, which has led to a sharp rise in prices and forced industrial policy makers to close factories to protect factories.

As liquids and natural gas shipments travel around the world, the future of the Netherlands has more than quadrupled this year, raising winter spectators. Russia has taken some European concerns, but it is not yet clear if that will be enough.

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