Tyrell Hatton despairs of the Reds Cup for the role of Dunhil lead – Golf 365

On the opening day of the Alfred Dunhil Links Championship, Tyrel Hatton won the European Roger Cup and took the lead.

The Englishman, who scored one and a half points in last week’s defeat of Europe 19-9 in the United States on Westling Street, finished 8th under 64 at Carnosti.

Hatton, 29, is a two-time winner, alongside Belgium’s Nicolas Coleserts, Spain’s Adri Arnaus and China’s Li Haotong.

Haten finished with nine points and 29 rebounds in the bottom five.

I didn’t really understand until I signed my card.

“We really want a big back nine and I’m very happy that the organizer did so well. We hope this will continue. ”

Each player completes one round at Carnosti, St. Andrew’s and Kingsburns. The final round of Sunday will be held in St. Andrews.

Hatton continued, “It is always good to start well around this golf course.

They go to the others, and you feel a little more fortunate than this, so we’ll see what the week brings.

Tommy Fletcher had two shots from the leader
Tommy Fletcher had two shots from the leader (Malcolm McKenzie / Pa)

England’s Tommy Fletcher, and a member of the Ryder Cup team that lost to Patrig Harrington, is second with eight shots after Bogie’s free-kick.

He said: “My strength is good. I feel good. Last week was a very exciting week, and I enjoyed the energy I received from my teammates and the Ryder Cup in general.

“Coming here, I love golf, and when this event comes, I feel good about the courses and I have had a good week before and I feel like a great opportunity to have a great week. ”


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