Turn off the police course being offered at Davidson College this fall

Charlotte Mecklenburgh Police Chief described the subject as “stimulating, charged, and polarized.”

DAVIDSON, NC – Davidson College plans to offer a course called #AbolishingThePolice in this #fall.

The course states: “The course examines the unique relationship between blackness and the police in the United States from a philosophical point of view.” The course goes on to say, “It covers the concepts of black politics and femininity, as well as social and political philosophies, in order to examine and reflect on issues of race, crime, imprisonment, police, probation, surveillance and homeland security.”

Davidson College is located 20 miles north of Charlotte in North Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

In a statement to WCNC Charlotte, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Commander Johnny Jennings, who does not control Davidson but controls more than 438 square miles in the south, could not comment on the specific curriculum but said: It is polarized.

“Regardless of the purpose of the course, the subject matter is certainly based on the way a student looks at it, and that is detrimental to all men and women who spend their lives every day to protect others,” Jennes added.

Assistant Professor Claudia Garcia Rojas is expected to teach the course. Her course statement: “To understand the main causes of the policy, I recommend that we start with a simple misleading question – what is the police?”

Davidson College No one from the school, including Garcia-Rojas, or campus police for an interview.

WCNC Charlotte, a self-proclaimed “student-oriented higher education institution, based on the tradition of the Christian Reformation and therefore loyal to the church or religion,” sent the following statement from its director of media relations. Jay Piferfer:

We examine all facts with the infinite work of our intellectual powers. That same tradition of faith enhances our loyalty to all mankind. We respect diversity and respect the world’s various religious traditions. We respect the dignity and worth of each person. Dedicated and dedicated studies in search of truth. Assigning any class, regardless of the subject, reflects the subject matter to be studied. Based on these values, Davidson helps students develop human emotions and discipline and creative thinking. Life of leadership and services. We hope that our graduates will think clearly, make appropriate judgments, discriminate between values, and communicate freely in the realm of ideas.

WCNC Charlotte is awaiting a response to interviews with black student groups on campus.

Police spokeswoman Charlotte’s brother-in-law, Julian Ortiz, told WCNC Charlotte that the FPS had helped Davidson College with the course.

“Officers were very welcome to be part of the discussion and to be constructive,” Ortiz said in an email.

In a statement to WCNC Charlotte, Davidson City, which oversees the police department outside the campus, said: Work as a public servant. As we strive to serve this city to the best of our ability, we will continue to work together to ensure a safe and bright future for this living community.

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