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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is stepping up his campaign on climate change today by investing heavily in Canadian fossil fuels to control overall emissions from Canadian oil and gas producers.

Trudo in Cambridge, On. Inside, protesters re-emerged amid heavy police presence. When she refused to leave, officers took a woman from her property.

If re-elected, Trudeau will set a five-year goal of controlling oil and gas emissions to bring liberals into zero emissions by 2050, but will create a $ 2 billion fund to create jobs in oil and gas – dependent communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.

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Trudo returns to campaign trail, Otole and Singh appear in Quebec

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The Liberals are also promoting a temporary electric vehicle, which will require half of the cars sold in Canada to have zero emissions by 2030, with the target of 100 percent by 2035 by 2030.

Trudeau Liberals presented new goals to the United Nations in July, promising Canada to halve emissions by 40 to 45 percent by 2030 by 2005 standards.

Conservative leader Erin Otole says it will return to its original target of 30 percent below 2005 levels.

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