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Admittedly, when the epidemic engages and threatens to wreak havoc around the world, causing serious damage to mental health and well-being as travelers return to the road, travel is in a unique position to address this need. -It is only the ability to move from health to immersion in nature, and to create moments of connection for people.

The findings from this week’s MasterCard’s first-of-its-kind research show that people are willing to invest their time and energy in a practice that will increase the momentum. They choose experiences they can have with family and friends (81%) and are open to cultural influences and want to see new cultures (71%) and visit new places (66%) when learning about new cultures.

During the epidemic, people focused on technology-enabled safety (22%), rest and balance (29%), and calming activities (30%). Demonstrating resilience puts their focus on self-safety (85%), emotional well-being (83%) and physical well-being (83%).

McKinsey’s study, “Feeling Good – The Future of the $ 1.5 Trillion Health Market,” also reinforces this trend in April 2021, with 79% of consumers believing health is important, and 42% seeing it as a priority. The report identifies three trends: self-care, digital health and e-commerce.

Recognizing this trend, businesses on Singapore’s Sentosa Island return to nature and safety in their supply to the local market and to international markets.

And it starts with yourself. During a panel discussion on “Getting Wealth in Health, Safety and Nature” at the WiT Travel Roadshow last week, advocates Mira Barry, Director of Marketing and Guest Experience, Sentosa Development Corporation and Lim Mui Kim, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Resorts World Sentosa, He says that time has made them more aware of their own safety.

Mira Barry (center) and Lim Mui Kim, sharing how they handle consumer needs with new experiences.

Consumers who are becoming more aware of their health, from wearing fitness monitors and sleep quality devices to measuring blood sugar levels, to faster walking and meditation, are representing larger and growing segments.

Indeed, in Singapore, where 5.5 million people have not been able to cross the border in the last 18 months, security is a matter of concern. A.D. A November 2020 SDC survey found that 91% of residents said mental health was a key motivation for relaxation, relaxation and anxiety.

The houses we are seeing are no longer seen as temples, they are being built, they are being studied in many facets. People need to be motivated for their safety. ”

When people were mostly confined to their homes at the height of the epidemic, SDC launched sunscreen therapy on Instagram stories – people could take a break and be distracted by sunset scenes – and it also launched two playlists on Spotify.

Resorts World Sentosa’s advantage is that it expands and opens when people are afraid of crowded places. Like TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), it seeks to create new partnerships to provide health transitions with an emphasis on prevention. “We want to create an ecosystem for health programs,” Lim said.

She also sees the emergence of a new “blurry” room for business travelers to relax and unwind during their travels, and the resort can offer custom tutorials as well as outdoor activities with its home and villa.

We want to change the view that Universal Studios Singapore is only for children – we want to promote unusual places for possible events such as galleries, exhibitions, trade shows.

The SEA Aquarium in the resort world Sentosa – the best seller is the PADI Open Water Dive Course, which will be fully stocked until the end of 2021.

According to Lim, one of the best products at the moment is the PADI open fishing course, which will be fully stocked by the end of 2021. Students will be able to dive for the first time in the open ocean Habitat, home to more than 40,000 marine animals. From the early 20’s to the mid-30’s, customers reported a tendency to turn young.

Barry said they are generally good visits to Santos To learn about waxing and hairdressing, and a yoga beach series to learn about nature and heritage, tours of Sentosa Indoors, and a yoga beach series – SDC to combine business with the island, yoga and breakfast.

A major pillar of food health and sustainability – for example, Thailand has reopened the Fukt to organic food for international travelers – says Barry. We are looking at the opportunity to make a difference and we are exploring with various institutions in Santos. Some resorts have their own indoor gardens, such as Shanghai La Rasa Centosa, Sofitel and Resorts.

Resorts World recently won the Singapore Tourism Award 2021 Sustainability Special. Outside of sustainable procurement practices, Lim said, “We strive to set standards for responsible production and establish fair and ethical business processes. For example, at Oceans Restaurant, our culinary creations include sustainable seafood. A.D. By 2020, we have established a comprehensive but simple set of guidelines for sustainable seafood when purchasing inputs for Ocean Restaurant.

Waste management is another area of ​​focus: “To improve our ecological footprint, we have incorporated food processors and biodegradables into the kitchen to reduce the amount of food waste. In addition, we have installed high-capacity, high-capacity computerized storage bins in modern glass bins, ”said Lim.

In many ways, even in urban areas, Singapore and Sentosa are in a good position to supply natural resources. For example, the country’s national parks have 350 parks, gardens and natural resources under its care. By 2020, 46.5% of Singapore’s land area will be covered with greenery, with a tree trunk percentage of about 30%. Centosa boasts 40 hectares of protected natural habitat, more than 20 heritage trees and more than 100 registered bird species

“Earlier this year, SDC declared carbon neutrality, and sustainability became part of all of our DNA,” Barry said. We want to protect property in the future and make it easier for guests to take refuge, for example, in eco-emotional environments such as Tg Rimau, we search for more care and interpretation signs on coastal nature trails, for example, scan the QR code to learn more.

Resorts World has extended its tourism journey from tropical forests and intertidal beaches to cities with coral reefs, adding a new immersive zone in the ocean.

“We have the privilege of having over 2.9 hectares of protected forest and RSS access to more than 100,000 marine animals. We have the opportunity to offer custom tutorials in this area, which is similar to the one we offer in International Studio Singapore. This is our way of promoting sustainable tourism. ”

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