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Earlier this year, North Dakota’s carbon-based industries raised eyebrows in the political world, with the goal of becoming carbon-neutral, including oil and coal.

Can we do it?

There are no magic bullets to achieve the goal, but there are some promising efforts. I discussed one of them in this Plain Talk show Kevin Black, CEO Credit Energy Services, And Marty Shumway, Director of Technical Services Locus Bio-Energy Solutions.

The Shumway company has developed biospheret in North Dakota for agricultural products such as canola and sugar, which in some cases have improved old oil wells by 70 percent.

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An experimental program for the use of biosphere is supported by North Dakota Industrial CommissionFor North Dakota, tax revenue could be calculated in the billions of dollars.

This is a big issue for the oil industry. Few wells are needed more than any other well. It also means that each well uses less energy to develop.

Energy development itself often uses energy from carbon-based sources such as oil or coal.

Again, we can achieve nothing. Government of Burmese The goal of the carbon-neutral oil and gas industry is, but there are many small things, and this experiment seems to be one of them.

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