Traffic-powered wind turbines are Turkey’s new clean energy trend

A wind turbine generating power through traffic is a recent discovery of clean energy on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey.

The vertical devices, known as ANLLs, can use the air waves created by moving vehicles to generate energy. Watering at the same time.

Researchers at Istanbul Technical University He worked with a team at a technology company Devecitech To create a roadside system.

How do traffic turbines work?

The wind emanating from passing cars may not seem like much, but ENLIL’s long and unobtrusive, straight knives have enough power to produce one kilowatt of power per hour.

A turbine with an additional solar panel can produce enough electricity for two Turkish households in a day.

Modern, well-designed standard wind turbines Have a life span of 20 years, because of its simplicity and strength, ENLIL may one day exceed. Each turbine follows a simple design, which makes it easy to assemble and adjust.

The device is small enough to be placed next to a moving vehicle and takes up the smallest floor wherever you are. This makes it easy to transport and collect in areas where you can easily travel Traditional wind turbines may not be implemented in any other way, Such as city streets and buildings.

But the environmental benefits of ENLIL go further. The turbines use a number of advanced technologies that monitor temperature and humidity. Carbon footprint And local earthquakes.

Each measure provides useful information to authorities and environmental scientists in Istanbul.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea is that Kerem Devechi, an entrepreneur who started working on the project many years ago after completing his degree in civil engineering. His motivation came from reading into a specific daily event Held on public transportation.

While traveling on the Istanbul Metrobus network, Davechi noticed that the vehicle he was traveling in was vulnerable to the effects of the wind – each emergency evacuation cover did not stop vibrating because of it.

Seeing this, he created a model from his bedroom that he wanted to turn the wind into something useful.

Increased appetite for wind power in Turkey

Wind energy consumption reached a record high in Turkey last year and there is a strong demand for clean energy. By 2020, more than 8 percent of the country’s energy network will be generated by wind power.

Turkey’s future energy potential could take many forms. There are plans to collaborate on Coastal wind farm with Denmark, 85.2 million euros Mega-Investment Continued plans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the expansion of green energy production On Turkish soil.

Although ENLIL may still be in the early stages, the project has been awarded the “Climate Launched Paddock Urban Transition Award” and has won the Mercedes-Benz Turkey Jumping Championship without missing out on research and development.

The successful release of the device can be seen through the Turkish capital Other cities throughout Europe Take the same steps.


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