ToTAL holds a second summary of the Leadership Interdisciplinary Research Project for the Leadership Off-campus project

The Tokyo Tech Academy held its second Leadership Campus Project and Leadership Multipurpose Research Project Summary on August 26th for Leadership (Total). More than 50 students, faculty members and staff participated. During the session, six students — two from Total and four enrolled in programs at the Academy of Environmental and Energy Sciences, the Academy of Mathematics and the International Leadership Academy — gave presentations on their research. Projects. This was the second briefing following the first one on Total in March 2021.

The Leadership Off-campus project is a core project in the ToTAL program and serves as a final learning and intellectual experience for students. Students plan and participate for three months in research and development projects at a company, university, institution, NGO or NPO in Japan or abroad, which will help them develop their professional plans and leadership skills.

The Leadership Multipurpose Research Project was launched in April 2021 on Total for students who cannot afford a campus project abroad or for students who are unable to make arrangements with a host institution in Japan due to COVID-19. By joining a leadership versatile research project rather than a leader-campus project, students can study at a different disciplinary laboratory at Tokyo Tech. The purpose of these courses is to put students in a real-life environment where they practice and test the leadership skills and skills acquired through ToTAL and their majors. By doing this, students will gain a deeper understanding of where they stand in terms of their abilities, which will be reflected in their research plan after the project.

Student providers and audience, including students, faculty and staff

At the beginning of the discussion, Professor Mamoru Tanashi explained the details of the two courses and touched on the results of the students who had already completed both. Each provider then gave an eight-minute presentation on their experiences and activities as they planned and implemented the project. The presenters answered questions from the audience, many of whom were students planning to take on a leadership campus project or a multidisciplinary leadership project in the near future.

Student approaches

Takanobu Yasuda

  • Uda-Kitaguchi Laboratory, graduate of the Center for Science and Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences and Technology

  • Ricken, Kanagawa, Japan

  • May-July 2021

Keisuke Kameda

  • Ihara Laboratory, Major in Energy Science and Engineering, School of Materials and Chemical Technology

  • Hirai and Sasabe Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Tech (Leadership Multipurpose Research Project)

  • May-July 2021

Yuki thousand

  • Koke Laboratory, Graduate of the School of Human Science and Biomedical Engineering, Engineering

  • Shanghai Micro System and Information Technology Institute, China

  • December 2020-March 2021

Nguyen Anh Hoang Ngok

  • Hara Laboratory, graduated in Information and Communication Engineering, School of Engineering

  • Milan Polytechnic University, Italy (Online Project)

  • December 2020-March 2021

Eriko Minari

  • Takeshita Laboratory, Major in Environmental Engineering, School of Environment and Community

  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki, Japan

  • April-July 2021

Akinobu Mioshi

  • Ishitani: Maida Laboratory, Major in Energy Science and Engineering, School of Science

  • Japan Good Ceramics Center, Ichi, Japan (Online Project)

  • -June 2021 (Out-of-Campus Project Course Due to Expansion of COVID-19 Concludes Research Project with Host Host)

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