Toshiba to supply hydro turbines to Kerensi Merangin hydroelectric power plant in Indonesia

Providing the most reliable equipment for high head and high rotational speed

Kawasaki, Japan, September 17, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Toshiba ESS”)Hangzhou) Company, Ltd. (THPC), Toshiba ESS subsidiary and PT. Toshiba Asia’s Indonesian subsidiary Toshiba Asia Pacific Indonesia (TAPI) has won a major bid for the Buchaca-based hydropower project in energy and infrastructure trade. Indonesia to the Production Four 105 megawatts of hydro turbines for the Kerinci Hydropower plant (hereinafter referred to as the Kerinci Hydropower Plant) in the center of Sumatra Island. Indonesia. The supply of equipment from September 2023.

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Contract Signing (Left) Mr. Karu Takayianaji, Toshiba Hydro Hangzu Company, Limited Vice President / Executive, Marketing

Contract Signing (Left) Mr. Karu Takayianaji, Toshiba Hydro Hangzu Company, Limited Vice President / Executive, Marketing

The same Francis turbine for the Kerenchi hydroelectric power plant

The same Francis turbine for the Kerenchi hydroelectric power plant

With more than 400 meters at the Kerenchi hydroelectric power plant, technologies are needed to provide high-speed and high-speed turbines. Toshiba ESS and THPC won the order because of their strong technical skills, high reliability of their equipment and experience in providing water power equipment to customers around the world. In addition, despite the limited opportunities for overseas travel due to COVID-19, TAPI has also contributed to sales activities and gained customer trust as a partner.

Shinia Fujitsuka“I am pleased to have received orders for hydro turbines and related equipment at the Kerensi Hydroelectric Factory, Director of Power Systems at Toshiba ESS. Indonesia. Toshiba E.S. It will continue to contribute to the realization of carbon-neutral electricity by partnering with local, reliable centers to provide the most reliable equipment for hydroelectric power plants around the world.

THPC has been receiving orders for hydropower equipment from the Buccaneer Group since 2016 Indonesia A.D. July 2021. In addition, HCC received orders for hydropower units in March last year, and as a result, the orders received by THPC became general hydropower equipment for the Kerinchi hydroelectric plant.

During this time, THPC was involved in the design and production of hydro turbines in THPC operations China, And TAPI will accommodate teacher shipments for on-site installation, and provide online technical guidance for the project to be carried out as planned without delay, even for COVID-19.

Renewable energy is expected to continue to accelerate within the ratio of energy resources Indonesia, By 2025. Demand for the hydropower market is also expected to grow exponentially. As a result, Toshiba ESS and TPC contribute significantly to the environment.

Toshiba Group When it began operations in 1894, it supplied 60 kW hydro generators for the first domestic appliance to Kage, the first commercial hydropower plant in Japan. , And more than 66 GW, including more than 40 countries Asia And other areas. Water is the main source of clean energy Southeast Asia, Toshiba Group provides hydropower equipment to such countries Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, And Laos. Toshiba Group aims to achieve a carbon-neutral society by continuing to bring high-quality products China, Southeast Asia, Africa, And other regions around the world.

* Source: Indonesia Electricity Purchase Plan (RUPTL 2019)

Project Draft

Power Generation Name – Kerinci Hydropower Plant
Plant Operator – PT. Kerensi Merangin Hidro (K.MH)
Station Location – Sumatra Island Center, Indonesia
Supply range – 4 x 105 MW Francis turbines and transmitters
Scheduled installation – from September 2023 (Planned)
Scheduled work – from June 2025 (Designed for all four hydro turbines)

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