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If you want to see results from your exercise, HIIT is a great option. Bangkok has many parts of HIIT that promise to boost your heart rate and increase postoperative endorphins. Haven’t you heard of HIIT? Simply put, HIIT is a high-intensity interval training, best known for speeding up heart rate, sweating levels and fat burning. There are many types of exercise, from boxing to weightlifting, weight training to burping. Below is a list of our favorite gymnasiums offering HIIT courses.

High HIIT gyms in Bangkok

1. F45

Australian fitness experience in Bangkok, F45 offers many high-intensity classes. Each session is 45 minutes long and combines several training sessions. This includes HIIT, cardio, circuit and practice training into one standard practice. In addition, each component includes a mixture of fat, cardiovascular and strength training, all of which show that they are effective in burning fat and building muscle. If you want to try it, use their free 7 day trial.

Address: 48 Suhumvit 16 (10th Florida Park Building, Foodland, Clown Tan, Clongtoy, Bangkok 10110.

Photo via F45 training

2. The Scary Club

As the name suggests, Aspire strives to provide a gym environment that encourages and supports high achievers. In addition, you will find yourself in a stimulating and positive environment and their classes will be taught in small groups. They offer advanced training courses such as HIIT, BOX HIIT and Tabata. Similar to F45, they offer free HIIT classes to interested people.

Address: Jasmine Building, 3rd Floor, Suhumvit Road, Soi 23, Asoke BTS, Suhumvit Emirates.

Top HIIT Gymns in Bangkok |  News in Tiger

Photo by Gury Health

3. LAB

With some of the best coaches in town, this is not your usual fall gym. He says HIIT sessions are extremely efficient, and therefore perfect for those who have a busy schedule. Here guests have the option of working with personal training or in a group room. We especially like the 30 minute HIIT blast as it is a great way to increase your time and training at the same time. LAB Dynamic Circuits You will have to jump, lift, load, and pull to ensure that you do not get the same exercise twice.

Address: RSU Tower, 2nd Floor, Soy Suhumvit 31, Clong Toy, Bangkok 10110.

Top HIIT Gymns in Bangkok |  News in Tiger

Photo via classroom

4. Basis

If you want something stronger and more powerful, BASE is the place to go. Their cardio workouts, like their signature HIIT components, “Base Burning” and “Speed ​​and Endurance” move your body. Designed to suit all fitness levels, they include a monthly free body composition survey. This data-based assessment provides a complete breakdown of your body composition, body fat percentage and muscle mass. Coaches will then develop a special program for you, including HIIT and strength-based exercise as well as a diet plan.

Address: Section 208, Noble Remix 2, Suhumvit Soy 36, Bangkok 10110.

Top HIIT Gymns in Bangkok |  News in Tiger

Photo by BASE Bangkok

5. Nimmovs

This fitness center focuses on β€œ3 pillars of success” that include training, nutrition, and lifestyle. There is no standard weight device that allows you to move more freely (like the brand). Instead, you’ll find extra items such as monkey bars, battle ropes and gymnastic rings. Finally, HIIT courses are held daily, weekly.

Address: Maneia Center Building, Floor 3, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumuwan, Bangkok 10330.

Top HIIT Gymns in Bangkok |  News in Tiger

Photo by New Moves

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