Top cities and companies for Texas Oil job advertisements

In July, the Texas Independent Producers and Royal Owners Association (TIPRO) released new manpower data highlighting major oil and gas industry jobs in Texas.

According to TIPRO, there were 59,473 job vacancies for the Texas oil and natural gas industry last month, of which 8,768 were unique. The top three cities in total oil and natural gas job postings were Houston, with 2,801, Midland, 611, and Odessa, 477. The three companies that were ranked in special promotions in July were Dele America Holdings, Inc., 689, Halliburton, 615. With, and Baker Hughes Company, with 576.

Of the 14 industries used to describe the Texas oil and natural gas industry, petroleum refineries rose to 1,672 special jobs in July, followed by Petroleum Extraction by 1,662, and oil and gas field machinery and equipment production, 1,383. In July, the highest-ranked job was the store’s sales associates, with 430, with oil drivers, 127, and pipeline technicians with 54.

Texas Oil and Natural Gas Special Posts have increased monthly since January, according to TIPRO data below.

  • July 2021 8,768
  • June 2021 8,334
  • May 2021 8,312
  • April 2021 7,754
  • March 2021 7,591
  • February 2021 6,863
  • January 2021 6,806

Commenting on the development, TIPRO President Ed Longganker said the economic situation in the oil and natural gas industry of Texas and global demand are improving this year in terms of employment and job advertisements.

In July, TIPRO released its second quarter manpower report, which included Houston, 3,455, Midland, 993, and Odessa, with a total of three oil and natural gas jobs. Special promotions were Dele America Holdings, Inc., with 1,150, Baker Hughes, 740, and Haliburton Company with 700.

Earlier this week, TIPRO moved that Texas upside down for July Increased by 1,500 jobs Citing the latest figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics since June. In a related statement, Longnecker warned that the expansion of the Delta Corovirus variant could affect the recovery rate to some extent, including the growth of Texas oil and natural gas, but the data showed that vaccines, immunity and public safety were needed to maintain the latest variability and avoid major economic problems. It helps.

A.D. Founded in 1946, TIPRO represents nearly 3,000 individuals and companies from the Texas oil and gas industry. The company was established by independent oil and natural gas producers in the hope of uniting the industry.

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