Tony Chavez, P.G.A. , Received renewed energy and mindset through ADM training

Tony Chavez has been a member of the PGA for 20 years. But the road in golf is not always straight.

“I only went back to golf because of COVID,” Chaviz said. I learned about campaign lessons from the PGA campaign. I poured myself into them because I had free access to the courses I had started and had not finished. ”

As part of that lesson, he found P.G. Coach And the American Development Model (ADM) was confirmed. Chavez: Originally from Indio, California, but raised in Mexico, he joined golf at the age of six. After arriving in the states, he was inspired by the great accessibility of the children to the best courses and the latest equipment. Still, the former club He hosted the first Mexican winner, Esteban Toledo, who won the Champions League in 2013.

I know that no matter what they do, they can compete in the golf course. ” “ADM opposes the idea of ​​how children learn: Giving a child a 5-iron, hacking him, and not hitting him when he finishes hitting four buckets. It builds athletes for life. ”

At PGA.Coach, the switch was copied.

“For the first time in the years since I was a member of the PGA, one has to pay attention,” he emphasizes. Focus on people, not technology.

A.D. There seems to be no involvement, retention and nothing to show for it.

So he set out to become the CEO, and another popular style emerged. When the members told him they liked him, they looked at him on the first T or put him green, but he went back to the pile of paper in his office.

A.D. In 2017, he burned himself in the role of GM and is looking forward to becoming a coach. His first ideas went to tradition, technology and technology. While there is nothing wrong with this thinking, there is one big thing – human relationships.

“PGA.Coach was a symbolic change for me,” Chavez said. “We often forget the core value of PGA Professional, which is to promote golf-related lives.

Chavez is developing a dove relationship, owning a club in California, India, Wales, and getting as many people as he can. His warmth, simplicity and sense of humor make it easy.

He builds a clean energy database because I am a good golfer, because I am friendly and sociable. ” And that creates more ROI than I expected.

Chavez’s positivity and optimism are contagious.

“I come here with renewed energy, because I know that the way I have coached in the past is completely different now,” he said. I want to be a part of it.

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