To reduce dependence on crude oil and gases, increase biofuel production

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday stressed the need to improve the country’s biofuel production by using straw to reduce the dependence on crude oil and gas emissions.

Gadkari addressed an international conference organized by the Association of Indian Societies in Sofia in Madhya Pradesh.

“I converted my (diesel) tractor to a CNG power vehicle. To reduce dependence on oil and gas imports, we should encourage the production of bio CNG and bio LNG by using straw, such as soy, wheat, paddy, and cotton. This will generate more income for farmers, ”said the Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

Gadkar’s suggestion comes as global oil prices have risen sharply in the country.

According to the union minister, India imports 65 percent of the total edible oil at a cost of 1.40 million rubles annually.

Due to imports, the price of edible oils is high in the country’s retail market, while local oil-growing farmers are not getting a good price for their produce, ”he said.

Gadkarie urged the country to develop GM (Genetically Modified) seeds to eliminate soybean depletion in the mustard line so that it can become self-sufficient in edible oil production.

I discussed this (GM seeds for soy) with the Prime Minister. I know a lot of people in the country are against GM races. But we could not stop importing soybean oil from GM soybeans. Countries. ”

Gadkari said GM soybean development in India should be made public.

He emphasized the need for a comprehensive study of food products made from soybean oil cakes (leftover soybean oil) to alleviate malnutrition.

“Thousands of tribes in our country are dying of malnutrition. Soy cake is rich in protein, ”he said.

The BJP Parliament in Maharashtra has also called on agricultural scientists in the country to launch a joint seed development program with major world producers, including the United States, Brazil and Argentina. .


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