To give IIT Daily a new course in Machine Intelligence and Data Science, check the details at

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Key highlights

  • A new course in Machine Intelligence and Data Science or MIND is offered at IIT Deli.
  • The new MT Tech course is expected to start in July 2022.
  • More detailed information about the course is available at

The Indian Institute of Technology or IT delivers a new MTT course to students. The new PG course at Machine Learning & Data Intelligence or MIND begins at the School of Artificial Intelligence or ScAI. The course is expected to run from July 2022. Candidates interested in the course can find more information at IIT Daily MIND plans to launch an industry-supported program.

The course is co-sponsored by both IIT Daily error and the company’s sponsor. Students applying for the course are required to solve industry-related artificial intelligence problems. The new PG course will help “meet the growing global demand by training industry professionals in modern AI techniques.”

The MIND curriculum contains major courses from the postgraduate level. Includes topics such as Advanced Learning, Data Science, Computer Vision, National Language Process, or NLP. In addition, there will be basic courses in math that include modern AI technology.

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MIND includes several courses such as Core Courses, Project, Bridge Course Courses, Program Choices. The course also includes course buckets such as math, data science and applications. Candidates are encouraged to check on the official website for more updates on the course. In addition, to meet the growing demand in the AI ​​space, the School of Artificial Intelligence plans to launch a master’s program. The executive master program is taught in the evenings and on weekends. Students can write to the office if they have any questions.[AT]For more information

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