Time Machine – 20 years ago Arnold Palmer played a great opening eagle farm for a golf course

Golf legend Arnold Palmer fired a shot at the Eagle Ranch Golf Course as part of the 2001 Grand Opening.
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5 years ago

August 11, 2016 Week

U.S. Forest Service officials say the cause of the Red Table fire near Lake Silvan is unknown. Violent Response Before the fire was extinguished, the fire had consumed 26 acres[26 ha].

Discussion by Gypsum City Council over the condemnation of the Nis Valley Pure Energy Biomass plant – the owner of the clean water venture – has sparked strong public outcry. “I can read about popular domain issues in Chicago and Los Angeles, not here in Gypsum,” said local resident James Byr.

10 years ago

August 11, 2011 Week

Eagle County has approved complex plans for a new recreation area on fairgrounds property.

Members of the 4-3 Volume Voting, Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission have called for the rejection of the 2.1-mile bicycle Hardcore Coalition proposal by Harneg Gulch.

The Denver Post named Jason Yantzer, an eagle valley high school graduate of the year, as the baseball coach of the year. Yantzer Hotchkis bounced off the Bulldogs with a 17-2 record and district and regional victories to their most successful season ever.

20 years ago

August 9, 2001 Week

Golf Legend Arnold Palmer was a great opening for an eagle farm in the city. Golf Director Jeff Boyer played the front nine of the course as Palmer Caddy.

Developer Jerry Ray was talking to Eagle City about a 60-75 unit project north of Eagle. Rea proposed to change some of the US land administration’s assets near the eagle.

30 years ago

August 15, 1991 Week

It may have been Chris Lidow or the dog spider’s concert on the road, but the organizers of Eagle County Fair and Rodeo have announced a record-breaking event. More than double the number – more than 2,900 – for the 1991 event compared to 1990 figures.

Jockey Pat, a native of the Eagle River Valley, was admitted to the Race Hall on the same day. Day, 38, has won more than 5,000 wins during his impressive career.

Television viewers have been expanded to include Denver stations 2 and 6 thanks to the Holy Cross Electric Association. Electrical Partnership has built a new tower around Beacon Hill and as part of the eagle county’s approval, the company has built several communication towers in the area.

40 years ago

Week of August 13, 1981

The U.S. Forest Service has announced the selection of approximately 3,000 acres of planned ski resorts for the planned Adam Rib Recreation. “Basically, they don’t accept it,” said Bob Young, vice president of Adam Rib. He said it was doubtful that Young Resort could handle anything less than the 11,400-day daily skating capacity.

The Eagle County Board of Commissioners approved the initial plan for the development of the Abbey Creek Mesa. One of the provisions of the plan is to ban dogs in the 220 unit unit.

The first Interstate 70 final project through the Trunk Canyon was scheduled to begin in late August. The first section covers at least one mile from the east-east lanes.

50 years ago

Week of August 12, 1971

New York City Mayor John Linsay delivered his keynote address at the first Vile Symposium. Lynsey spoke about the importance of community in the decision-making process.

Villar pastor Donald Simon mocked the organization’s editor, Marila McCain, about last week’s issue. “After traveling on the new road last week, the author wrote:

“If I crossed the I-70 (and on the way) Colorado is an example of” natural beauty, “Simon replied,” The good Lord has shown some terrible taste in gathering our mountains. ” I think I really need to talk to him about it. ”

“Don – that’s a really interesting statement,” McCain said. If it weren’t for the confirmation reader as well as the writer and the typewriter, I would have fired! ”

60 years ago

Week of August 10, 1961

If the Eagle Valley Television Association could not raise $ 3,000 in debt, the Valley would be without winter television services.

Eagle Vera Kinnett won a $ 50 prize for her essay on how she helped her husband become a safer truck driver and better worker. Her advice always includes preparing dinner, and finally returning home from a trip.

Silver Eagle Barber and Beauty Shop advertised “School Belle Special”. School-age girls are offered a $ 1 discount for any beauty service.

The most talked about film at the Eagle Theater was “Polilina.”

70 years ago

Week of August 9, 1951

Beck Bakele, owner of Eagle Propane and Gas Company, announces a promotional camp for cookies and biscuits. He plans to feed 1,000 people.

John Helms, 29, lost his leg in an accident at Guilman Empire Zinc. Helmets are removed by a melting machine.

Clarence S. Jackson, son of photographer William Henry Jackson, was the guest speaker at the Mint Colorado Day celebration.

John Wine’s “Yeo Jima Sanders” was a feature film at the Eagle Theater.

80 years ago

August 8, 1941 Week

It will not be seen on the mountain last Sunday and will never be gathered. At least 2,200 people attended the graduation. Colorado Governor Ralph Carr was a special speaker.

Most of the Valley residents were happy with the event, but the Environment Minister made a difference on Sunday morning. I feel it is my duty and right to congratulate the state and the highway department as you complete this important and excellent link in the Great Highway System. But I want to tell you that I do not accept the commitment to serve at such a time to disrupt worship services. ”

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