Throughout the epidemic, the popularity of golf has led to a significant increase in food service delivery to country clubs and courses

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Chicago, September 29, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Golf has proven to be an epidemic, as it is an outdoor sport that allows players to socialize with each other. Dollar sales of golf equipment increased by + 37% from January to January August 2021 Compared to the same period a year ago, The NPP reported. Often indicative of new players, golf club collections and balls have grown by + 37% and + 27%, respectively. In addition to golf equipment manufacturers, food service operators have also benefited from club clubs and golf courses. According to the NDP, in June, July and August, the number of items sent by food service providers to clubs and courses increased by + 32% and + 51% compared to June, July and August respectively.

He said the golf industry was in a good position before the outbreak, but the desire to be outdoors and the ability to handle social distances contributed to the popularity of the sport. Matt Paul, NPD Sports Industry Consultant. Although golf equipment sales have been relatively low in recent months – with corporations reopening after reopening – looking at the big picture, golf has gained new interest since the outbreak.

Pacific States California, Oregon, And Washington Compared to a year ago, domestic clubs and golf courses received the highest percentage of profits from broad online distributors. Travel loads to the Pacific states increased by + 50%, and the dollar increased by + 71% compared to last summer.

The prize of playing golf is usually food. According to NPD’s Supply Track®, it regularly monitors shipments and dollars, including bottled water, energy drinks, juices, chicken wings, hot dogs and French fries. From large food distributors to commercial and non-commercial catering stations.

In addition to country clubs and golf courses, golf courses, such as Top Golf, Big Shots Golf, and Drive Shack, also appeal to golfers and golfers. According to the National Golf Foundation, 24 million people play in 15,000 plus courses in the United States, while 21 million participate in recreational activities. According to the NPD Restaurant Census, the spring 2021 census has increased by 14% compared to the same period last year.

“There is food where there is fun,” says Tim Fris, president of NPD’s SupplyTrack®. Winning in the food service market today means finding pockets of opportunity, such as country clubs and golf courses.

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