This windshield wiper is designed to change the way we use sustainable, reusable energy!

Vento is the world’s first wind-powered bicycle light bulb to revitalize the way we use and generate energy.

In recent years our vision has been based on renewable energy sources. From small turbines that can generate electricity for thousands of homes to bus stops, small green roofs that accommodate solar panels, renewable energy is the future, and designers note. Designed to be the world’s first bicycle light bulb to be used for wind power, Vinto from student designer Andy Bessenheder is currently developing a work model in the summer of 2021.

Out of a desire to “rejuvenate the ways we use and generate energy” on a small scale, Vento is not just a bicycle lighthouse, as Bestenheder explains, but “a way to connect power generation, energy consumption, and something like-minded individuals. It’s a Vento mindset. The four-compartment Vento is like a small wind turbine. Made from recycled Plexglass and aluminum, the Vento microprobin stores wind energy while the bike is in motion. The turbine is then converted to electricity by electromagnetic induction in a generator. The bicycle light battery then stores this energy and the LED bulb generates light. The wind always blows on you while you are riding your bike, so the lights are always on when needed. Conveniently placed between the handles, the Vento also features features for on / off use and daily blinking.

Following some sketches and a number of ideas, Bestenheider moved to 3D printing before being made into a final work model.

In collaboration with his fellow engineering student, Bestenheider conducted interviews with cyclists and friends to understand Vento’s feasibility. After completing a 3D-printed model, Bestenheider and his engineer team worked together to balance the efficiency, cost, and durability, which resulted in the final production of a twice as large turbine from the circuit. Ventto was built to be completely independent to start discussions on renewable energy sources.

Designer – Andy Bessenheider

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