This week, Bjarke Ingles founded a home design company

This week in Denmark, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels co-founded a housing design company that aims to create a variety of modular homes.

Named the Nabr, the company plans to build a wide variety of affordable housing using modular components.

“Our homes are becoming more and more expensive,” says Ingles.

“There is very little choice. Ninety-nine percent of all houses are the same, but everyone is really different. There is a great potential to reconsider this whole process from one end to the other.”

Amager Bake Operator “No Plans to Shut Down”

The Danish Press was also in the news after reports from the Danish press suggested that the Copenhagen ski could be closed.

However, despite the fact that the artificial ski floor is falling faster than expected, the slope The operator has denied claims that it is in danger of being shut down.

Taizu Modern Art Museum at Athelian Hospital
Concrete construction “halves” emissions from the cement industry, says IPCC

According to the latest IPC climate report, half of the carbon emissions from cement production were used to renovate materials later.

According to Jenny Burgej, chief structural engineer at the Concrete Center in London, the role of cement sinking has failed.

A giant floating wind farm
Wind Catching Systems design a huge floating wind farm with 117 turbines

To make wind farms more energy efficient, the designer designed a floating wind turbine system with more than a hundred rotors stacked vertically off the coast.

According to the company, windshield can produce renewable energy for 80,000 homes.

Summary of Architectural View Points
Ten Amazing Building Construction Views Designed

Following BIG’s opening of the Biblical Marx Tower and the controversial marble arch, we have seen 10 spectacular views from the Dozen archive.

These include gravity-resistant levels and frame-shaped views in Dubai.

The style of the 1970s London City House
Studio Hagen Hall completed the style of the 1970s London City House

Prominent projects this week include a family home in Bangkok, a 24-storey cottage in the Katkil Mountains, and a 1970s style London home.

This week’s booklet focuses on the use of concrete and small bedrooms.

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