This TikToker uses a machine to create the art of Brainwave and re-created the * ya * ratatuil scene

My friends, have you ever seen that scene? Ratatouille Where does he eat cheese and strawberries and you want the same kind of brain-magic while you nom away? Well, a woman in Tikitock made that dream come true, and it’s a very good fkn.

Tick ​​Talk user @brainwavebtch Inspired by the main mouse Remi sitting on her head, she made a beautiful device that reads her brain waves and looks great.

She mainly uses the device to create and sell art, but she also uses her joke on Tick Talk for people who want to see what it looks like when she eats a whole variety of foods. If the people ask you to eat pineapple, you will do it, my God.

My favorite video, obviously, is when you try to eat it like Remy in cheese and strawberries. Ratatouille. Yes, the results are magical, but did you expect anything less?


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♬ Le Festin (from: Ratatouille) – Nights Bridge

And the results vary according to the foods, sour things explode in the wild, and foods that you do not like to come up with are very faint, slow and gray.

Here is @brainwavebtch learning some lemons for the fun of our vision. I can’t be, I can tell you so much.


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♬ Le Festin (from: Ratatouille) – Nights Bridge

And here’s a video of some of the most frustrating chicken wings.


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♬ Le Festin (from: Ratatouille) – Nights Bridge

For curious minds like me, @brainwavebtch has created a video explaining how and why she created this beautiful technology.

In the video, she says, “The brainwave software I made when I was eating was 100% inspired by Remy’s kind of synesthesia.”

“Every year and a half ago, I prepared it Ratatouille Music, and the software is 100% focused on my emotional issues while eating.

“He is measuring my relaxation and anxiety, so the more I calm down and enjoy the food, the more fireworks’s become more obscure.”


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♬ Le Festin (from: Ratatouille) – Nights Bridge

And hell, for all of you Harry Potter Fans there, @brainwavebtch has created a program that uses your brain waves to determine which home you are in.

From now on, I’m really thinking of yellow’s ideas to ask Hafelf’s again.


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ሄድ Heedwigs Theme: Harry Potter – Berlin Festival Orchestra

If you want me, I prefer some cheese and strawberries. But without the cool fireworks. I look like a mouse in my own kitchen.


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