This project wants crypto tokens to be a source of renewable energy

As the landscape of Crypto improved, a clear theme emerged as permanent – the need to transform the world with renewable energy. Green Life Energy Global (GNL) is a project that looks to the future of Crypto as part of the solution.

“GNL will not only create the next big crypto asset, but also transform the entire financial sector into energy and recycling payments,” the project said.

To fulfill this vision, GNL wants to start with the revenue from the first ICO. He says the project will directly invest 50% of the money raised to build solar farms, wind farms and other renewable energy projects around the world.

For investors, the incentive is more than likely to contribute to the creation of clean energy sources. According to GNL, it provides a way for fake owners to win big prizes through agriculture, measurement and statistical reflection.

Power simulator

GNL Power Token built into Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BEP-20 token is built for payments and has a maximum supply of 500,000,000. The project follows an automated LP approach, which means that each business contributes to automated sewage treatment.

The project also imposes a 5% tax on those who choose to sell their bonds, of which 3% will be paid to existing GNL tokens. The remaining 2% goes to the liquid pool.

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GNL says its wallet allows users to easily exchange between 100 different cryptocurrencies.

The project will also generate 50,000,000 GN tokens over a period of 74 weeks, after which it will decide when and where to perform additional simulation burns.

The path to a green future

After completing the ICO, the path to GNL will include the distribution of NFTs, decentralized exchanges (DXs) and even the creation of its own blockchain. Once the DX is operational, you can engage in agriculture to earn a steady income.

To improve its efforts to greener the planet, GNL plans to partner with renewable energy and recycling companies. The company plans to build a solar farm next year before launching renewable energy efforts around the world in partnership with Geoffrey and Investments in the UK.

In addition to wind and solar energy, GNL plans to generate biomass energy – a carbon-neutral organic energy source from plants and animals. After purchasing the land, GNL said it will increase its renewable energy capacity by planting large trees and collecting willows.

“Green Green Energy Global is here to transform the entire financial sector with renewable energy bills and make the world a better place,” GNL told Cointelegraph: “Remember, if not green – we are not. ”

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