This portable battery station and solar panel is the power backup that every homeowner needs for about $ 500

TLDR: The HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station provides up to 7 days of emergency power, while solar power one portable solar panel recharges the battery within hours.

If you are asking yourself if you are prepared for potential dangers, just as a hurricane, a wildfire, or some other terrible act of God is unleashing on your territory, it may be too late. In those cases, you need to keep your fingers crossed and hope that homes, property, and people close to you are completely safe from the wrath of nature. But even if you are “lucky,” even then, you may see some dark days in the future. Literally.

Storms and tropical storms will fall Thousands to extended power outages Several times a year. And in many areas, wildfires can even be a threat Triggered suggestions It can last for days.

Although you do not normally have the risk of extinction, random strikes can be a big problem when you are in the dark, melting in your refrigerator and going to limited connections to the outside world. Back up as an account group Generark HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station and SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel ($ 1,399, 26% off), From TNW Deals) can be a fast-paced lifestyle that you can go through until the power is restored.

HomePower One is a versatile, portable, reliable power that is instantly advertised. This emergency backup battery station can store more than 1,000 watts of power for up to a year, enough to supply up to 7 days of juice per charge. The unit makes it easy to feed where it needs power, with three AC outputs, four USB-C and USB-A outputs, and even compatible devices for a 12-volt car output. With all those connections in place, it is enough energy to keep the days going for days, including all your refrigerators and appliances, until power is restored.

And if power is not restored quickly, Solar Power will cover you with a portable solar panel in that condition. Made of solid fabric and PET heat-resistant material that works in less than 30 seconds, this panel monocrystalline absorbs sunlight and restores your HomePower One battery. With just one panel of solar power, it only takes 19 hours to power the HomePower One.

Together, the Generack Home Power One backup battery power station and Solar Power One portable solar panel tank usually cost around $ 1,900, but users of this offer can save up to $ 500 and get both essential backup devices Only $ 1,399.

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