This backpack has its own spy camera, tracking device and solar panel

The Seeon 180 ° Backpack is simply the best bag I have ever seen… and I have been writing about creative bags for 6 years now. Moving your suitcase from point A to point B is a very small part of the Seeon 180 ° backpack, but it is also very important. You could be the person with the necessary documents, a woman carrying your valuables, or someone who accidentally wandered in the shadows. Seeon 180 ° has a motion sensor to monitor people approaching you, to identify objects or people moving towards you, and to respond in emergencies during controversies, attacks or attacks. A GPS tracking device that can send your location (or bag location) to an emergency contact list in the event of an emergency. The bag has solar panels and a built-in power bank to allow these features to work, and to pay for your gadgets… And if that’s not enough, the bag has its own light bulb that automatically lights up in the dark. , Allows cyclists and other pedestrians to identify and avoid you on the sidewalk or on the sidewalks.

Designer – Saros Laboratory

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I often refer to myself as the Seeon 180 ° “over the bag”, and I continue to test myself when I say ነው It’s a safe safety to wear on your back. Seeon 180 ° uses technology to create a secure, portable storage solution for the modern age that must truly take the lead in protecting yourself and your property. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Perhaps the Seeon 180 ° is a 1080p surveillance camera built into the back of the bag. Designed to be your third eye as you move forward, the Seeon 180 ° constantly monitors what is happening behind you. It comes with a motion sensor that can even measure the speed of objects approaching you, so you can always see what’s going on behind your back to make sure it’s safe. The camera is carefully placed in the bag, almost invisible, and sends alerts to your phone. This portable monitoring system is powered by a built-in RM computer built in Seeon 180 °. With the ability to ‘see’ behind you, the Seeon 180 ° can also sense its position.

Even the bag (and I use that word for convenience here) comes with its own GPS, which actively monitors the bag and its location for two broad purposes. In the event of a dispute, the wallet may send an SOS alert for emergency contact, or it can be tracked in real time if the wallet is stolen. Among other things, the bag has its own “backlight” that illuminates itself in the dark. Designed to make it easier to identify at night (so cars, bicycles and pedestrians can avoid you), LEDs allow you to turn them on or off depending on your needs.

All Seeon 180 ° features a built-in 20,000 mAh power bank, which you can use to charge your devices. The power bank is equipped with a series of solar panels on the back of the Seeon 180 °, which means you don’t have to fill the bag too often! The wireless module allows Seeon 180 ° to connect to your smartphone, and the Seeon 180 ° app allows you to create custom alerts based on emergencies such as assault, theft or conflict. Even if you do not see it on your phone screen, the bag’s smart alarm system can send you vibrations in the event of an accident, allowing you to look back and evaluate the situation. If the situation is out of hand or your wallet is stolen, you can also share the location of the bag within the app, making it easier to track your wallet and belongings.

Those features draw attention to Seeon 180 °’s basic work of being able to carry your belongings! The Seeon 180 ° bag (can we just call it safe?) Has a large enough compartment to store your laptop and tablet and some more securely, giving you organized storage for everyone inside and out. Your items. For a superior backpack like the Seeon 180 °, it is incredibly stylish. The entire exterior is made of high quality calf leather, with hammer belts, adhesive back panels and even waterproof zippers. The elegant appeal of the bag is that instead of allowing anyone to walk around secretly without anyone knowing or following you, one can say that it is kind of harmful! I’m joking, obviously… Seeon 180 ° is really safe and keeping track of your belongings in the most important new era of bags. Just a month after Apple announced its Ertags, which allows you to keep track of your keys, wallets and assets, the Seeon 180 ° backpack looks definitely on the pulse. And as one of the fans on the Kickstater page, exactly “Katana is missing”…

Click here to buy now – $ 234 $ 468 (50% discount). Hurry, only for a limited time.

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