The world’s largest wind turbine exhibits disproportionate amount of energy

China’s Mingang Smart Energy has announced a beach wind turbine that is more than GE’s brutal Halide-X. MySE 16.0-242 has a capacity of 16 megawatts, 242 meters (794 feet) (BH) with a capacity of 20,000 homes per unit over a 25-year service life.

The statistics on these renewable energy colleges are going crazy. When Mingang’s new turbine rotates next year, the three 118-meter (387-foot) knives will cover an area of ​​46,000 square feet (495,140 square feet) over six football fields.

Each year they generate 80 GWh of electricity. Only a 19 percent increase in diameter and basin area is 45 percent higher than MySE 11.0-203. Not surprisingly, these things are getting worse. As they grow, they seem to work better, and low-cost installation projects need to be done to build the same capacity.

MySE 16.0-242 will be the world’s largest beach wind turbine with a capacity of 20,000 homes each.

Mingang Smart Energy

The overall result should be a drop in coastal wind prices – a very important drop. The current energy costs estimated by US Energy will be $ 20.522 per megawatt-hour, which is currently $ 72.78 million, the most expensive way to generate offshore wind energy. And the independent sun is around $ 32.78 before subsidy.

Clearly, the wind fills the void left by the sun and becomes an integral part of the future energy mix. Growing the industry with these giant turbines is a major reason for industry experts to predict that by 2050 coastal wind prices will fall between 37 and 49 percent.

Mingang MySE 16.0-242 is just the beginning of the “new 15MW + beach product platform” and says it can be installed on the ground or on a floating base. The entire model will be built in 2022 and will be used in 2023. Business is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2024.

Source – Mingang Smart Energy

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