The world’s largest floating wind farm has begun operations, and Straft has acquired a total output. Beach wind

The installation of wind turbines on Kirkardin, the world’s largest floating wind farm, marks the start of a long-term power supply agreement (PPA) between Straft and Kinkardin Beach Windferm Limit (KOWL).

The 50-megawatt kinardine floating wind farm will provide more than 200,000 megawatts a year to power the Scottish grid to power more than 50,000 homes.

Scraft will purchase all electrical output from the floating wind project at MWh at a guaranteed price until 2029. This is a long-term road-to-market partnership with Straft, which provides 100 percent of the project’s electricity. Prepare pre-agreed contracts to reduce financial risk for investors.

Given the transparency of our long-term revenue, we confidently entered into this agreement with Straft, knowing that we would select them and select this unique PPP structure. He also gave us a partner who was willing to work with us for a long time ” Jaime Altolagurire, Cowel’s CEO, Cowel Group Managing Director

We are looking for a partner who has experience with coastal winds in the UK and has a record relationship with UK law firms, fundraisers and investors. As Australia’s largest renewable energy supplier, Scraft stands out for its extensive investment and operational experience in the region. This strong experience enabled them to offer financial and competitive terms and to quickly agree.

Located approximately 15 km southeast of Aberdeen, the 50-megawatt Kinkardin floating wind farm is powered by five vestas 9,525 megawatts of wind turbines and a 2 megawatt vestas unit with a water depth of 60 meters to 80 meters. The 2 MW turbine will be operational on October 2018.

John ud DedeftThe origins of the long-term PPA of Straft Manager, he said: “We are proud to be partners in helping to bring this innovative project to fruition. This is the first floating project in which Statkraft has participated and we expect to follow a lot. A key technology in helping countries around the world achieve their renewable energy goals. PSPs like these play a key role in providing financial forecasting and security to project owners and therefore support long-term investment and financing.

The floating beach wind farm was built by Pinder Beach Rehabilitation (POR), which is fully owned by Kinkardin Beach.

Cobra Wind, a subsidiary of ACS Group, is responsible for wind farm engineering, design, supply, construction and commissioning.

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