The Wind Turbine Training Tower is just beginning to address the skills gap in renewable factories.

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Australia’s first wind turbine technician training campus will be set up on Monday at the University of Mount Helen Campus at the University of the Federation, providing a high-profile signal for new courses to train staff in the fast-growing renewable energy sector. The 23-meter tower is the center of the New Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Training Center (APRETC) and will provide future wind turbine technicians with the skills they need to operate safely at high altitudes. In a statement over the weekend, the federation’s Tef sales, marketing and engagement manager, Bill Mundi, said the 215 turbine Golden Field Green Lighting was a reminder of the growing demand for trained wind turbine workers in the future. Special training center. West Wind, Australia’s largest wind farm licensed to be built by Rockwood, is now moving into the next phase of its $ 2 billion project. Related History The Golden Meda wind farm project has received a license to modernize the project. Shortage helps to address skills shortages in a rapidly growing industry. The tower is used to train students to work at high altitudes and to experience real-world experience of what it means to be in a wind turbine. Upon completion of the course, they will be certified and accredited with the Global Wind Basic Safety Training. The tower contains a series of platforms where students can move using different ladder systems, different bindings, and different skills. Wind turbines have a small elevator in their trunk, so the crew must be able to climb safely if they break down, and the upper platform of the tower is a “yaw deck” where the wind turbine rotates. Navel and Knives) Going in and out of the wind. Students will also learn from the top stage how to lower themselves outside the turbine tower. “It looks like a cylinder with a platform on the outside, but it looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring,” he said. “This is the first step in the training of trained workers for the industrial noise industry – turbine technicians, gum repair technicians, electrical engineers, road integration engineers … these are the skills that are lacking in this industry.” If we go out to generate coal, many jobs will only be available in renewable factories. Federation Tafe will complete the renovation of the facility next year. The first quarter of 2022, but that is the first step for us. “By the middle of next year, we will be in a position to get the world’s first Ladder technician training experience … Certificate III includes the role of razor technician in engineering composites,” Mr Mundi said. , To help make subject matter accessible and to design the training space that is being built. By 2023, we are working to introduce the first turbine technician in the Asia Pacific region. Helen Mountain Training for over six months. “It is not only the federation that has worked with us to develop this, but also the industries. The industry will benefit from the fact that we can stand here and start training, and our local economy will also benefit.” It ‘s time to grow, but eventually Victoria will take the lead in meeting the needs of skilled manpower to operate in wind turbines. “


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