The wind project doubles the power output of the Idaho turbine

Blue is taking comments on the 1,000-megawatt project, which will raise 400 wind turbines to a height of 740 feet above any other in the state.

Germo, Idaho: The proposed power project in south central Idaho is more than double the state’s wind turbine, and U.S. officials said Thursday they are commenting on the plan.

The U.S. Geological Survey is reviewing the 1,000-megawatt project by Magic Valley Energy, which has the highest 400 wind turbines in the state.

The agency is holding virtual meetings on September 8 and 9 to discuss the proposed project in Jerome, Lincoln and Minidokka counties.

The so-called Lava Ridge Wind Project can power more than 300,000 homes.

Wind turbines for the project will be built in 119 square miles of corridors. Out of that, 114 square miles of land will be administered by the Land Administration Bureau, and Idaho Land Departments will manage about 5 square miles.

The Blues are proposing to acquire 114 square kilometers of land for mining claims and land sales.

“Renewable wind projects are an integral part of the Biden-Harris administration, which is committed to tackling climate change, introducing fresh air and water for future and future generations, creating thousands of well-paid unions and launching our country into a clean transition. “The future of energy,” said Interior Minister Deb Haland in a statement.

He said the administration aims to allow at least 25 megawatts of marine renewable energy by 2025.

The BLM will use the public comments on the project next summer for a draft environmental impact statement, then a final environmental impact statement by the end of 2022 and a final decision shortly thereafter.

Draft Environmental Impact looks at the loss of wildlife habitat, including more intelligent people who have seen declining populations in the western United States in recent decades.

Other considerations include changes in wind turbines to landscape characteristics, changes in access to land for recreation and grazing, changes in socio-economic conditions, and physical, visual and sound disturbances of historical and cultural assets both internally and externally.

The project will include a 500 kV transmission line to the existing Idaho power substation near Shoshon.

The project also includes 381 mile access roads and a battery storage system.

Magic Valley Energy said in an email Thursday that the project director was not immediately available for comment.

According to the company’s website, the project will create 700 jobs during the construction phase and subsequently create 20 jobs each year.

There are currently 541 wind turbines generating 973 MW in Idaho, according to the American Wind Turbine database compiled by the Judaeo Geological Survey. Wind power projects are all located in southern Idaho on the interstate highways from Mountain Home to Idaho Allste.

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