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Wiklow Hospice Glen Walk

He will walk from Glenn to Glenn with the help of the Wicklow Hospice on Sunday, September 12th.

The loop tour will take you to Glendalo and Glandasen and is limited to 200 participants.

Glenn to Glenn is amazing:
Exciting walking distance of 12.5 km, the average walking time is about three hours. This will be a walk on the ground suitable for people who enjoy a good walk or a good walk.

Pre-registration is required to participate.

Participants will be asked to dress appropriately and have their own drinks and snacks. After the event, there will be light drinks in the car park and a final certificate will be issued to all participants. The Kovid-19 steps will be in place and the walk is limited to 200 participants.

Registration for participants begins at 8:15 p.m. A guided walk starts at 9.15am. The venue was at Large Car Park, near Welen Mills, A67 A268, in Glendalo.

For details and to register, contact WikiLeaks Hospital on 01 4068868, email starmey @ olh. That is, or call Fabian Doyle on 087 2306030. When you sign up, you will receive a full information sheet and a sponsorship card from WikiLeaks Hospital.

High School of Dance

High School has a new Acro and Air Arts and TRIPLE AS programs.

It combines acron’s fall, balance and flexibility skills with some of the fun skills learned in Air Hop, and you have a new custom program specific to ESPA students.

Students enrolled in this class will also have the option to become additional members of the TRIPLE A SQUAD in the acro dance class, such as competitions and performances as an acro group.

More information at www.elevationschoolofperformingarts. com / Basic-01.

Win a house and a car

Glenali Hurling Club’s ‘Win a Home and a Car in a Weekend’ fundraising campaign has been well-received in the area.

To purchase a ticket, go to or hard copy tickets at the Brunei Store Glenelli or please contact any committee member.

Follow the Glenealy Hurling Club on social media to keep up to date with the competition and other bonuses.

Brock Market

Brock Market is on Sunday, September 12 at the Brockag Resource Center.

Free admission (limited parking) is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tea, coffee and snacks can be purchased during the day. The barrier will be closed from 6pm on Saturday, September 11, until 9:00 am on Sunday.

You can reach him on 0404 45600 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm) or by email

They must wear social media and masks in accordance with government guidelines.

Glenali IT Center

Registration for the next part-time certified courses in September 2021 is currently underway at the Glenali IT Center.

ECDL, manual and computerized bookkeeping and payroll, Photoshop, Advanced Word and Excel. Phone 0404 44980/087 3113352.

Film Production Course – Interested in a career in film and creative media? Want to take advantage of job opportunities in the film industry? A new program has been launched since September. This BTEC International Diploma part-time course emphasizes ‘hands-on’ practical skills in a project-based, interactive, creative training program. It covers cinematography, lighting, audio production, film production, and real estate. Complete financial support based on criteria. Register now because space is limited.

Contact Glenali IT Center on 0404 44980/087 3113352.

Volunteers were needed

Lakerkers is looking for volunteers for the Rundwood Water Race.

The race on the reservoir will take place on Sunday, September 12. Runners are required on the runway as well as volunteers from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All volunteers will receive full instructions, a free T-shirt and burger.

Everyone will meet in Roundwood Parish Hall to register. The first runners will get up at 10:30

Covi safety measures apply during the day and all runners are required to sign a pre-race Covi Health Form.

There will be free barbecues and prizes for first and second place.

To register as a volunteer, contact Katie on 086 7860111 or email

Road works

Wiklow County Council wants to recommend that road construction be completed in Ballinahinch, Ashford, on Friday, August 20, approximately three weeks.

Traffic management is on-site and delays are expected when installing a sewer.

Sustainable power

A.D. The names of all the people who completed the domestic energy survey by 2020 have been added to the MiHome home energy control kit by the Larg-Glendalo Sustainable Energy Action Team.

Congratulations to Michael Kulen, the Kitty winner.

The United Nations Climate Change Report has clearly outlined the challenges that even small rural communities, such as the Large / Glendalog, face. Climate change is now “widespread, rapid and intensifying” and the window is closing quickly to prevent catastrophic change.

The report also warns that rising temperatures, droughts and floods, and key temperatures will only break ten years from now.

Improving energy efficiency in our communities is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding dependence on fossil fuels..

Colly Row

The Wicklow County Council plans to temporarily close the Coly Row Street in Wicklow City in October.

The temporary closure will take place Monday through October 11 to Wednesday, October 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Roads will be in place and off Glende Road, drivers will have to continue straight and make their way to Summerhill, then leave it at Cryon Park Square.

From Crinion Park, head straight to Summerhill Square and then right at the intersection with Glendale Road.

Road closures are essential for gas indoor connections.

Personal alerts

Roundwood and the Woreda Community Council are registered to administer the Senior Alarm Program, which provides assistance to the elderly.

In the event of an emergency, a personal alarm is a guarantee that you will be able to contact family members or neighbors quickly.

Provides peace of mind and security. For more information, please call 086 8055040.

Maternal and infant groups

Brockag Resource Center has now provided space for mothers, babies and adolescents.

If you are interested in managing this group, please contact as there is currently financial support.

Under this program, financial support applications should only be made by non-profit and parental and community groups that involve parent involvement in the community.

Grants usually range from € 100 to € 1,250.

Wildflowers on Facebook

The Larag and Glendalo communities are home to beautiful wildflowers that bloom in the summer.

Although often unnoticed, these wildflowers provide an important source of nutrients for our pollen suppliers.

Using photos, a new Facebook page has been created to provide information on wildflowers growing in the area, and their names and distribution.


The only organization that supports the elderly is providing a national line of support and additional support for VV-19 victims.

Only call 0818 222 024 if you are concerned about your own safety or the safety of an older person you know.

Check out

Anamo Center

The tennis court at the Anamo Center is back.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact Christine on 086 805 7431.

Children’s tennis coach is held every Saturday at the Anamo Center.

Anyone interested in participating on Saturday mornings can visit to book a place for children’s tennis.

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