The United States will beat the European champions 19-9 to win the 43rd Reds Cup

Haven, With-Captain Steve Stricker, a United United team of red, white and blue ships on a two-day reconnaissance mission on the shores of Lake Michigan a week before the 43rd edition of the 43rd Reader Cup. .

With the exception of Brooks Copeka, all of his players, cadres and vice-captains were thrown into the area, bought in the mission statement, gathered mounds about playing a difficult course, discussed the strategy, formed a partnership, and met at more than one course at dinner.

By the time they reached Reder Cup Week and the Coppa match was right, the Americans followed Streker’s unhealthy leadership and were a competent, comfortable, fighting and confident team. Although there were six players in the first two years of pressure training in Europe, when it came to youth, the United States was 12 strong and all for one and all.

Raider Cup: Fall of Sunday Singles

And then the Americans became hostile to the enemy.

Since Friday’s opening shootout, he has lost five of his last six matches, losing 12 of his last nine and In 2018, the United States, which was running out of pastors in Paris, beat the bat and claimed ownership of 4 pounds, 17. – A gold cup with seven gold trophies to be played single on Sunday.

Two-time champion and Ryder Cup start-up Colin Moricawa scored for the United States in a game against Victor Hoveland. The score at that point was 14½-6½.

The end was 19-9. A.D. That was the biggest victory since 1979 when all of Europe joined the Red Cross. After two decades in Europe, the United States has now won two of its last three matches.

“They came together two weeks ago. He showed me a lot about this group of men, ”Strickker began to cry. “They had a mission this week and you know, they played really well and they came together.

From the first day, it was about getting ready, getting the men here, putting it on the same page. This is a new era for American golf. They are young. They come with a lot of interest, a lot of energy, a lot of play. They are very good. ”

Team USA players take pictures of the 18th Fair in three straight rounds of the 43rd Ryder Cup golf tournament on the Wesling Straits. Mandatory Credit Michael Madrid-America Today Sports

After a tough 6-2 lead on Friday, the United States was consistent and brutal and went 9-3 on Saturday morning to take a 11-5 advantage to the singles event on Sunday. He was the greatest leader in the United States since 1979, when he entered the last days.

The dominance was so deep that every American won at least one point in the first two days, and the six European charges went unbeaten. Only John Rahman and Sergio Garcia’s Spanish Armada, who had kept Europe on their feet, combined with low hopes, formations and 6-0-1.

USA Patrick Cantelle responds to his third hole in a single-legged win over Weaver Wisconsin in Weverson Street. Photo by Ashley Lane / Associated Press

Entering the singles on Sunday, the United States needs only 3½ of the 12 points to win. But he did not give up. The line-up shows that none of the American players have lost their first two days in the first six games.

The march of victory began earlier.

After Rori McLeroy put the gold medalist on Xander Schauffele in the Riddoff match, the Americans won five of the next six games and cut the other half by breaking the Star and Strip ball.

In the first two days, Rookie Scottie Scheffler inspired the undefeated World No. 1 Rahman and placed the first red flag on the board. He never won when he won the first four holes and went on to win 4-3.

“We all saw it,” said Jordan Spit. We knew it was happening. If you see something on the board, you see that. ”

FedEx Cup winner Rocky Patrick Cantelle put up a second red flag on the board with a convincing 4-2 victory over Shane Lori.

Red Flag No. 3 has been animated throughout the week and has been featured in a large gallery of power and interaction. Dechaambo scored his first green goal in the Par-4 to beat Gashian 3-2 in the All-Relay Cup history.

Moricaka scored half a point. Minutes later, four-time champion Brooks Kopeka added another point with a 2-1 win over Bern Wiseberger. Justin Thomas made it 16½-6½ in a 4-4 win over Trill Hatton, followed by Dustin Johnson 1-6½ against Paul Casey. Spit halved their match against Tommy Fletcher and newcomer Daniel Berger, winning the match 1-0 at Matthew Physpatrick.

Europe, who had to win nine points to win the Red Devils, have won just three games and reduced their lead by two halves.

“I loved the team from the beginning,” says Thomas. I loved everything about the week. Everyone has done their part, they have done their work. The captains were great. The fans were great. I mean, everything about the week was incredible. ”

The average age of the group in the United States was 29 years. About the six beginners: Shafufle, Cantele, ff Feller, Moricawa, English and Burger – combined 14-4-3.

“This will be the Ryder Cup next season for the USA side,” Cantaley said. “We have a lot of young people and I think they will be in the team for a long time. We have sent rockets in four of the first five matches. That is unheard of. Everyone agrees. The atmosphere is simple, but I know everyone has that deadly feeling and we will bring that to the Ryder Cup in the future.

Dechamber added: “This is the beginning of a new generation. I think we will do some incredible things in the future. ”

European Captain Padrag Harrington did not have horses to make straw in the United States. Westwood, Polter and Paul Casey failed to win even half a point in seven matches in the first two days, and most of the old guard came off.

“We’re really disappointed,” Harrington said. But the United States has played well. Look, they have played more than us. Strong team. They did exactly what they had planned. You’ve got some speed. They started well.

They played better than we did at the end of the day.

And European Heart and Soul McLeroy lost his first three matches and did not make a bird in the last 30 holes in four balls (he made an eagle). When he won the singles match against Shafufele, McLeroy struggled with tears after the victory, and the pain of the team’s recent defeat was evident.

“I want to be a part of this. I love this team and I love my teammates very much, ”said McLeroy. “I had to work hard for the team. I’m happy to put a point on the board, but I wish I could do more. I can’t wait for another crack. ”

The next Reader Cup It is near Rome in 2023. He said Europe was facing a serious challenge in Italy and beyond.

There is an amazing talent in that group. A lot of young people, and I think the most important thing for the US team is a lot of young people who have bought the Rider Cup. “I think it has probably disappeared in previous generations. But people like Justin Thomas, Jordan Spit, they know that kind of heartbeat of the US team, they actually bought it in Reader Cups, Presidents Cup.

And if such people are in the team, yes, maybe they will be a strong opponent from now on unless I play Ryder Cup in 20 years.

The United States, for its part, has deep-seated species here on farmland. The Americans are eight of the top 10 players in the official world rankings and all 12 are in the top 21 – an impressive team average of 8.9.

On paper, America was superior. On the field of whispering zones, they played to their level.

Two-time champion Johnson, the greatest player in the American team at the age of 37, has no one. A.D. In 1979, he became the first American to go 5-0-0 since Larry Nelson.

“I felt the game was coming together,” Johnson said. It’s fun to go out and play golf just because we don’t usually do it. I didn’t expect to go 5-0-0, that’s for sure, but I really didn’t expect to play five matches. But obviously I got off to a good start and I had some good partnerships with Colin and Xander there, so the captain didn’t just roll over us.

“This is the first team I’ve ever been to. In other groups, I felt like a little boy. A slightly different variable. The men all met well. We all have one thing in common, we don’t like to lose.

We had a good week, and he showed.


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