The United States pays $ 20 billion a year for greenhouse gas emissions. Congress must cut the pipeline

Big oil receives more than $ 20.5 billion annually from federal and state subsidies. Many of these subsidies date back to the beginning of the industrial era. The biggest tax cut for oil rigs It was 1913. Then there is the tar hole, which provides tax breaks for companies that import or produce tar sand, one of the world’s largest fossil fuels.

Yes, you did. The United States is offering special reductions to fossil fuels for the fossil fuel industry.

Unlike those originally created, these gifts no longer create jobs. Instead, they are reaping the profits of a corrupt industry. A recent study found that 96% of federal fossil fuel subsidies increase the profitability of oil and gas companies beyond the investment barriers needed to start new projects.

Even more shocking is the fact that for the past four decades, the industry has continued to carefully examine the effects of climate change on human beings, publicly denying its existence or problem, and releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Why do we reward taxpayers for this behavior?

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