The United States last year increased its wind power generation capacity

The United States added nearly 17,000 megawatts of wind power to the ground last year, the Department of Energy said Monday.

Wind power share in total utility capacity generation in the United States By 2020, it was only 43% behind natural gas and only about 20% behind nuclear and coal.

But it’s getting windy. By 2020, 42% of the new capacity would be $ 24.6 billion, according to a study by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Solar II accounts for 38% of renewable energy and natural gas for about 20%. Overall, renewable energy accounts for about 80% of the new capacity added last year. The utility scale measures the energy that can be fed into a power grid.

In a statement, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said: “These reports contain such shocking news. They enhance the potential for improved growth and more affordable wind power.

The administration of President Joe Biden has ambitious plans to increase renewable energy use, and is committed to achieving 100% clean energy by 2035 to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

Part of those plans is to deploy 30 megawatts of marine wind energy by 3030. The Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that it is reviewing the proposed environmental assessment of the 122 Turbine Project in Montauk, New York. A key bureaucratic obstacle to the project.

“The country is committed to tackling climate change, creating thousands of well-paying jobs, and paving the way for a clean energy future,” said Interior Minister Deb Haland. “The sea breeze is an integral part of that great power agenda.”

The land-based wind market report also found that wind farms accounted for more than 10% of total domestic electricity in 16 states, 57 percent in Iowa and Kansas, Oklahoma, and more than 30% in North and South Dakota.

New utility scale, ground-based wind turbines By 2020, 4,137 megawatts will be installed in 25 states, including Texas.

According to the Department of Energy. Wind industry activity increased by 1.8% by 2020, making it one of the few areas where job growth is declining due to the cholera virus.

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