The United States has arrested the chief financial officer of Russia’s natural gas group Novwitch

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Russia has arrested one of the world’s most influential executives for allegedly embezzling tens of millions of dollars from bank accounts.

The Department of Justice said in a statement on Thursday that Novek’s chief financial officer, Mark Gaeteva, had once planned to defraud the United States by seizing more than $ 93 million worth of “huge coastal assets.” He was also accused of failing to file and pay millions in taxes.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Federal High Court, Guateway was charged with felony criminal mischief. Between 2005 and 2016, “lucrative” stock options or stock-related payments were allegedly deposited in two Swiss bank accounts by a “large Russian gas company.”

At the time, the authorities wanted to hide the ownership of the accounts, including the Russian owner. He is a certified public accountant with experience in the United States and Russia.

Gaitav, a US citizen, has been in Russia since 2019. He did not immediately respond to comments.

A.D. In 2003, Novikov became a member of the CFO and a board of directors to help Russia transform the country’s largest independent gas producer into a natural gas producer and exporter in 15 years.

Novetech is affiliated with Leonid Mikelson, a longtime ally, and longtime friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gyetvay has been the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2010. The company has attracted major investments in France and China and in 2017 launched the largest Yamael LNG project in the Russian Arctic. The company has a second LNG plant under construction, Arctic LNG 2 and a third in the construction phase.

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Yamal LNG considers French Total Energy, as well as the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation and the China Silk Road Fund, to have a joint share of about 50 percent. Arctic LN2 2 is supported by Chinese, Japanese and French investors who have played a major role in the project.

Gyetvay is one of the top CCOs in the oil and gas sector in the country and in Europe.

The first hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Florida. If convicted, he could face up to decades in prison.

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