The United Cycling Institute hires female rand as general manager

Ashland, or (September 1, 2021), the United Bicycle Institute (UBI) will hire a female Rand as CEO to take Ubi, a 40-year-old South Oregon strategist who is leading the strategic growth and development. Rand brings more than 20 years of experience and passion to the bike industry. As a native of Ashland, UBI was the cornerstone of its mechanical capabilities. We could not happily welcome a woman into our group. As a familiar face with proven success in the industry, the balance of experience in the cycling industry and traditional education brings a new perspective to UBI. The next evolution. ”

I am very happy to join the team at UBI and focus on investing in the bicycle industry. We will be celebrating our 40th birthday next month and I am proud to have a hand in building the next 40. There is a female rand.

UBI now has endless opportunities and is rapidly adapting to meet the changing needs of its customers. For many mechanics who need technical training to improve their skills and for their fans to gain more confidence while working on their bikes, UBB is building learning experiences that will best serve both teams.

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About UBI

At the United Cycling Institute, we offer a wide range of cycling courses around the world. Since 1981, we have offered bike mechanics courses in one- and two-week sessions, and since 1991 we have provided custom frame building courses to enable graduates to connect with industry leaders and work boards, as well as to obtain a high school diploma. We have hosted students from more than 45 countries, and we help train veterans through our VA Benefit Programs. Learn more at

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