The UK’s Titan SSS says low winds, the worst in 70 years, have hit a new generation.

A photovoltaic wind turbine at Camelford, Cornell, Sunset.

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Due to historical drought and low wind conditions, the SSE was able to produce 32% less energy than expected from its renewable resources between April 1 and September 22. This equals 11% of the full-year achievement goal.

“This deficiency was caused by unusual weather conditions during the summer, which was the highest in most of the UK and Ireland and the driest in the SS Hydro Basin over the past seventy years.” The company said in a statement on Wednesday.

During the summer, low winds have contributed to Europe’s energy crisis, pushing energy prices to record highs in recent days. Other factors include last year’s cold snap, declining production during the epidemic, lower imports from Russia, higher carbon prices, and increased demand for liquefied natural gas from Asia.

SAEI is not the first renewable energy producer to warn of the financial impact of late summer winds.

In August, the German utility RFA reported “very low” winds in the first half of 2021 on its northern and Central European portfolio.

Danish energy company Orstd made a similar comment, saying, “Revenues from our existing marine and wind farms have dropped by 0.3 billion DKK compared to the same period last year.

The potential for growth of new wind farms in our portfolio was greater than offset by significantly lower wind speeds in our portfolio, ”he reiterated.

Orst, in particular, said wind speeds in the second quarter averaged 7.8 meters per second, “slowing down” to 8.6 meters per second.

Again, the SSE administration on Wednesday emphasized that these issues are “time constrained.” The administration has noticed that in recent months it has been influencing the performance of unusual markets.

Despite the summer’s slowdown, SSS said it was “still confident” of its year-round financial goals. The company has announced that it will expand into the Japanese Coastal Wind Market.

– CNBC’s Andre Franco contributes to the report.


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