The UK’s net zero delay has given way to suspected attacks, says a government climate consultant.

Boris Johnson’s delay in publishing a net zero emissions strategy has left climate skeptics “complaining, attacking and vandalizing” on cost factors, and other countries can do so with more “correct leadership” than the UK before it was independent of Copenhagen. Climate consultant said.

Conservative peer-to-peer and chairman of the Climate Change Committee, Debbie, said, “Critics of zero policy have raised their voices in public debate” because “it is not in the context of the government.”

Johnson Theresa May’s policy is aimed at achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but the government has not yet released a roadmap for the policy, a treasury review or some of its sector strategies.

These changes are expected to take place in September, two months before the UN General Assembly in Glasgow, after negotiating with the Treasury on how to distribute the changes from green boilers to decarbonation transport.

In an interview with the Guardian, Deben said the lack of details “allowed people to make all kinds of statements without any response from the government.” .

Johnson said he should take out a loan because of adherence to a zero-zero policy, and praised the government’s climate delegation’s preparation for the Copenhagen 26 conference under Alec Sharmarke.

However, Sharma said it was a “fundamental problem” to persuade developing countries to record significant emissions cuts as Britain’s foreign aid budget fell. “Reducing foreign aid was a serious mistake,” he said.

“If other countries see a program in detail, they will be more willing to accept that it is the right leadership, but we have not given up on that,” he said.

The Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget Analysis shows that future cost savings will not be enough to buy fuel and gas for the next three decades, at a cost of ቢሊዮን 50 billion a year on low-carbon energy, transportation and heating. . After investing in net zero policies, he predicts that the UKNP will remain in place for only four months.

However, net zero costs have come under fire in recent weeks, with back-to-back Tori MP Craig McKinley forming a group to oppose the price tag. Former Brexit Minister and popular Tori Steve Baker is a trustee of the Climate Science Suspicious Cloud Foundation, led by former Chancellor Nigel Lawson.

Deben said it is important for the government to emphasize that the total cost of adapting to climate change is “relatively low and certainly workable.”

Asked if the treasury was blocking policies for cost reasons, the Office of Budget Responsibility said the total cost could be 1. 1.4 tonne over 30 years, and Debbie Chancellor Rishi Sunak believed it was “very serious.” He must have “some reasonable control over public spending.”

He said it was right for the treasury to see how the costs were “fairly and rationally distributed in the community,” noting that everyone had gone to electricity bills in the past and emphasized that renewal costs were unfair.

Deben, however, said that the overall work of the government is yet to be seen at zero, although they acknowledge that it is complicated.

“The problem is too late, because it should have been done much earlier, of course, giving everyone a chance to complain, attack, do what needs to be done and make it great. Disruption of various expenses. ”

He added: “Boris Johnson has done some amazing things by being clear about the most difficult targets in the world. The problem with this government is that we still do not see the delivery program. ”

Deben noted that the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs did not plan to adapt, and that the Department of Education did not know enough about skills training and green jobs.

In the fight against climate change, it is important to acknowledge that the world today “is far more advanced today than it was 10 years ago,” and that it can be prevented. Extreme conditions.

“If we get this right, we can win the fight,” he said.

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