The UF Super Computer ranks first in the United States for energy efficiency

The University of Florida is launching a new HiPerGator AI supercomputer.

Top500 is the world’s second most energy-efficient computer in the Green 500 list. It ranks 22nd among the most powerful supercomputers in the world, ranking second only to university supercomputers at the national level, and third overall in higher education.

The computer was the result of a $ 70 million partnership with California-based company NVIDIA last year to invest in artificial intelligence. in addition to, UF has received $ 20 million from the state to recruit new Artificial Intelligence faculties in various fields of study and said AI will be included in all fields of study.

So far, the university has hired 30 faculty members. It has also developed about 30 new courses, says Professor Joseph Glover. For example, business seekers now take the necessary courses in business analysis and artificial intelligence.

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In the fall, high-powered computers will be available to universities across the country that have shown interest in the public university system and interest.

According to Elias Elderri, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the University, the university plans to continue to acquire new applications for Artificial Intelligence.

“The rating is exciting but we believe the most important is the impact of the technology. The machine is important, but that’s not all. ” “The machine leads the way.”

The computer has been in operation since January, and the first large-scale project was launched in April. UF Health researchers have developed a language model called GatorTron, which analyzes the words of billions of medical records to identify personal information and find trends.

Other uses, according to Glover, include the use of artificial intelligence to train robots to harvest strawberries, pick ripe ones, and leave others behind.

“(The United States) has not created a trained AI force for the 21st century,” he said. “Our rivals, like China, are doing just that. So in Washington, the country needs to know some ways to train the next generation of people in AI and information science skills. … In just a few years, we will transform thousands of students into AI skills. ”

He said that in the near future, artificial intelligence would be as ubiquitous as personal computers.

“Everyone is so excited about it,” said Glover. Everyone understands that artificial intelligence and information science will be very important in the future of our students.

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