The U.S. Navy Community College will begin accepting applications for Pilot 2

Quantum, Va. – The American Navy Community College has officially accepted EDT applications on Friday, October 1, at 1 p.m.
This USCC Pilot II program offers the opportunity for enrolled sailors, sailors, and coastguards to earn a five-course, 15-credit certificate in the first quarter of a naval related degree.
USCCC directly supports NaVPLAN 2021 naval operations. “The Marines must adapt their curriculum and research to the benefit of the war,” said Michael M. Gildai. “Our student and faculty research ships focus on war concepts and skills to compete and win. The Navy Community College provides educational opportunities for our sailors in areas that enhance their services.
The Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Corporation, David H. Berger, has the same message for overseas in the planning guide: Our focus and energy is to forcefully repeat that educational effort to create a similar knowledge base about naval warfare and naval voyage.
The five courses, which are certified by the Navy, are based on courses taught in the US Navy Academy and Navy ROTC programs. These 15 credits are taken if you have a bachelor of science degree from a total of 36 general education standards and are also called the “USCC Navy Core”. Courses include Naval Ethics and Management, Modern Naval History, Navy Design and Concepts, Civil and Military Organization and Policies, and Certificate Core Introduction to Geopolitics.
Retired Navy: “The Navy Corps provides context for them to learn how their new skills fit into their military service. Dean Russ Evans, Associate in Naval Studies at USCCC. “We are trying to gain more than our opponents. You may know how to do what you are trained to do. We will provide you with critical thinking skills to translate that new skill you learned from school and use it in your classroom or organization. People often think of registered members as technicians, but they are more than that. We are giving more responsibility to young service members, so we need to better prepare for these critical thinking skills to see how their mission fits into the bigger picture.
Learned by scholars with extensive background in military leadership, this Navy enables sailors, sailors, and coastguards to gain insight into their own services in an educational environment. Evans said this will allow these service members to understand common service before they are in real life, under stress. “When you can do that in all services, your creativity will grow tremendously,” Evans said.
When the first sailors, sailors, and coastguards complete the Naval Survey Certificate – they are enrolled in joint service transcripts – they are enrolled in a cooperative degree of military studies, which develops the role and depth of the military. Naval services provide world-class thinking, research and writing skills and communication skills.
This Adm. Carl El Schulz wants to modernize his mission to improve his overall workforce skills by modifying educational programs to develop special skills for current and future mission needs. And retaining a defense force that meets the needs of the growing marine industry.
Active Registered Sailors, Sailors and Coast Guard can fill out an application at the USNCC website, The first courses will begin in January 2022.
The United States Navy Community College is for the Navy, Navy and Coast Guard Community College. Go to for more information about USNCC. Click the Student Interest Form link to learn to be a part of the USNCC Pilot II program.

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