The training of Egypt’s El-Daba nuclear power plant specialists has begun

Training for the first El-Daba nuclear power plant for Egypt began in early September 2021 at the Rozatom Technical Academy in the St. Petersburg branch of Kaluga district in western Russia.

Upon completion of the training program, work is underway within the framework of contracts for the construction of the first-of-its-kind nuclear power plant in North Africa.

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The enrollment of 465 Egyptian students will begin with a six-month Russian language course, followed by practical training and practice at the Rosatom nuclear power plant, including Leningrad NPP-2 and other workplaces. .

The State Atomis Energy Corporation will train approximately 1,700 specialists within this program by 2028. The training program will be conducted at the Rosatom Technical Academy in Russia and at the Nuclear Power Training Center in Egypt.

The readiness of the academy

According to Yuri Selenev, a reporter for the Rosatom Technical Academy, a branch of the St. Petersburg Branch, efforts have been made to modernize the IT infrastructure and improve IT infrastructure.

Teachers, some experienced operators, many years of experience in nuclear power plants, and others who have completed technical training courses and worked in nuclear power plants, all of whom are fluent in English. Conduct the training.

An analytics simulator is expected to be deployed at the training site by the end of the new year. The living conditions of the students have also been improved by taking into account the cultural characteristics of the Arab Republic as part of the investment for the development of the Rosatom Technical Academy.

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