The third annual Big Sky Biggie travels through the Big Sky

By Gabrielle Gasser EBS employee

Big Sky – August 28, foggy summer morning, lyrics by the famous Biggie “Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can’t you see? In the Great Sky City Center Plaza. Luckily, Longe Peak Physical Therapy is the third annual Biggie Mountain Bike Race, featuring 30- and 50-mile course options that take athletes on a winding road across the Big Sky on the many mountain bikes our city has to offer.

The air was filled with cyclists clapping and spectators drinking coffee. In two short track races, many of the members of the Big Sky community gathered under one curtain to entertain the children.

At 7:30 in the morning, a trumpet was blown and the 50-mile course of the riders were laughing out loud as the cold air bit their skin. The 30-mile runners followed him after 8 p.m.

Big Sky Biggie is a fundraiser for Natalie Osborne in the XXXXX. A.D. After staying in Covide-19 in 2020, the competition is back with about 250 athletes competing in this course.

“It was a great achievement,” he said. “There are no injuries, no serious incidents. I think everyone really enjoyed it – I got a lot of good feedback from the runners [and] From volunteers. ”

The mission of the event is not only to benefit local organizations in the big sky, but also to raise awareness about mountain biking and the many trails in the area. Charitable side of the race This year, two leading charities, BSCO, and the two major organizations in the southwestern Montana Mountain Cycling Association, Osborne, said they were “doing a lot of work for these trails.” [the] Location. ”

“We are just a small event,” she said. During adolescence, as we grow into teenagers, we can give a lot of money back to the community, and I look forward to that.

The work to support Osborne includes maintaining existing tracks and further expanding and connecting existing road systems. Although a total of 250 athletes have been ordered by the Forest Service this year, Osborne is looking forward to increasing the number of athletes who can participate in improved courses in the future – according to Osborne. The 30-mile course is not on a land of forest service that could expand the scope of future race participation.

She hopes to reach 50 percent female participation. Only 70 percent of male athletes and only 30 percent of female athletes are male.

And this year, Biggi’s new endurance mountain bike was included in the 2006 National Ultra Endurance Tournament Series. Biggie joins 11 other races in NUE marathon series featuring all US races

This year’s winners of the 50-mile course received $ 400 in cash from the Bank of America, $ 400 in second place, $ 250 in second place and $ 100 in third place for women and men.

Heidi Meyerbacchtol finished first in the women’s 50m relay at 2:53:55, at 5:16:18. Tanner Visnick won the men’s 50-mile race in 4:12:53 and Aid Sorich in the men’s 30-mile race in 2:32:33 overall.

Vicnik had already left the 50-mile pack and left earlier in the day. That same afternoon, he had to rush down to Bozman for his own wedding.

The 2022 Biggie Registration will be released live on January 10, 2022, with the hope of enrolling more athletes this year. According to Osborne, she is working with Adam Johnson, director of Bisco Parks and Trails, to make the new 30-mile course a reality. The new course will not only increase participation but also bring in more revenue for the Big Sky community.

Osborne continued to work closely with local landowners to make the courses a priority, emphasizing safety.

“[I] I have really had a lot of fun riding my bike, and one of the personal goals of this event is to bring that joy to other people and to bring all kinds of different riders together with different skill levels for one day and to follow these trails. And the beauty of the big sky, Osborne, is really that. ”

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