The Supreme Court ordered the disposal of harmful gases that ‘shortened’ life in the landfill

A local court has ruled in favor of the Staffordshire Waste Regulation, which has been accused of embezzling life-threatening gas.

Rebecca Curry’s son-in-law, Matthew Richards, said there was a “public health emergency” near Wallace Quary in Newcastle-Lime.

They argue that the release of hydrogen sulfide from the plant is harmful to “hundreds and perhaps thousands of locals.”

Now, on Thursday morning, the court found Judge Fordham in favor of Matthew, saying “real and significant change” is needed “urgently”.

He received evidence that current hydrogen sulfide levels are paving the way for the child to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – a condition that greatly reduces his or her life expectancy.

And added: “In all the evidence – based on Matthew, and the releases, and the implications of Matthew’s release – I am satisfied that it has a direct impact on Matthew’s home, family life, and personal life. For severe environmental pollution. ”

The Environmental Protection Agency, which plays a key role in protecting the community from pollution, has joined the pollution company, Wallace Quary Limited.

But Judge Fordham ruled that the levels of hazardous emissions should be below the level of January.

Rebecca Curry, 41, mother of Matthew Richard


Although Matthew was at the heart of the matter, a key part of the battle was the smell of thousands of so-called “troubled communities” in the area.

Widespread physical and mental health problems have been thrown into the scent – like the smell of rotten eggs – and some have complained about breathing and sleep problems. Mice and mice were seen on the site in large numbers.

Speaking after the decision, Ms. Curry said, “She is very happy.”

He added: “I hope Matthew and the rest of the community can breathe fresh air and grow their lungs properly without the deadly poison that he and the rest of the community had to endure for months.”

“What is needed now is for the environmental agency to stop any waste entering the site and use the available energy and take action to prevent hazardous gases from endangering our health and quality of life.

Newcastle-Lime MP Aaron Bell has previously called the station a “major environmental threat to the city.”

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