The study examines oil and gas water as a dust remover

As the Times Observer Photo of the Josh Cotton State Government tried to isolate the legislature from oil and gas water on dirt roads, a new study of the Penn State and the Temple found that the option was less effective than congestion. .

A nationwide ban on the use of water from oil and gas works, such as landslides, is still in place.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly – a success to date by Governor Tom Wolf Veto – has been seeking legal solutions.

A new study looks at a more basic question than the Penn State and temple researchers – does it work?

The study, published earlier this month in General Environmental Science and published online for permanent citizens of Damascus, is entitled The efficiency of oil and gas produces water as a detergent.

A team of scientists “The effectiveness of unpaved roads for reducing white and gas production (OGP) fractions has not been well documented.

Their study included the application of 20 simulated brines, eight sample water samples, and three alternative products. “Road sum” In the lab. Before and after treatment, I measured a few generations “Simulated Rainfall Events”

“All OGPPs.” We have found the effectiveness of dust removal to be a by-product of commercial products and alternative waste products such as waste soybean oil. ” The researchers concluded. “In addition, OGPW has lost its effectiveness due to imitation rainfall events that require repeated applications to protect against dust.

“Currently, OGPP There is not much research published on the effectiveness of dust mites. ” They will increase, “He used it for 70 years”

The report acknowledges that there are more than a million miles of unpaved roads in the United States and acknowledges its research “Immovable” It is a particle “Strictly Related to Respiratory Defects” As a result, road dust can protect people’s health, improve driver safety and prevent unnecessary dust accumulation, the report said.

They also point out that the business options are often inexpensive The most common road maintenance budgets in rural areas where these services are most needed.

“The OPCW Road Expansion Experience is an established practice that raises health and efficiency concerns as it gets more attention. Compared with business partners, calcium and magnesium chloride, OGP The presence of sodium in it makes OGPB less effective as a dust remover. The report concludes. None of the OGPs were performed and commercial analogs were not performed.

The State Council has already enacted various regulations for common and unconventional industries that allow for the use of road-produced water.

The General Assembly is adjourned until September. House and Senate accounts are presented to the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

The Senate bill was sponsored by state Senator Scott Hutchinson, and state representative Kathy Rap voted in favor of the bill.

Warren County has been at the center of the case.

The Warming County case from Farmington Township has led to a nationwide crackdown on oil and gas waste, which is still in use.

During the last session, the legislature tried to allow Brexit to use Bens in Hitschinson’s account, but the language was rejected before the end of the passage and finally by Governor Tom Wolf.

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