The students’ solar-powered camp van is on a 1,800-mile road trip

A group of students from the Netherlands are about to complete a 1,800 mile (3,000 km) journey in Western Europe in a solar-powered camp van.

Stella Vita is designed for two passengers and has a kitchen, seating area, bed, shower and toilet. Using only solar power, the vehicle can cover up to 450 miles on a sunny day, a maximum speed of 75mph, and illuminate all internal appliances, TVs and laptops.

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It has solar panels on the roof that can be extended to the sun when the vehicle is parked. The van can also be charged through charging ports.

“Technology exists, it just changes the way we think,” says 20-year-old Tid Ter Horst, a student at Eindhoven University of Technology. I’m sure companies could do the same if 22 students could design and build such a vehicle in one year.

The road trip, which began in Eindhoven on September 19 and ended in Tarifa on Friday in southwestern Spain, was part of the students’ self-test.

The interior of the van
The interior of the van. Photo – Sergio Perez / Reuters

This is not the first solar-powered vehicle at the university. He joined the Bridgeson World Solar Challenge in 2013 for a two-year Australian solar car race. The team’s coordinator was Dr. Carlo van der Weyer.

While the former Eindhoven teams have won a series of competitions in their five-seat design, Van der Weyer believes there could be a big business demand for mobile homes. Ecological-minded camp fans can be tempted by an unsupported electric van, which in many places lacks charging points.

According to the students, Estella Vita was hit on Spanish roads, attracting the attention of other drivers, and Van der Weyer said the vehicle was also an option in sunny areas.

“On a cloudy day, the vehicle can still generate 60-70% of its energy,” he said. And even though there is no sun, you still have an efficient, standard electric car that you can charge from the charging port.

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