The SJC District celebrates its 60 years of service with a promise of more.

Last year’s address at San Jasonto College Chancellor Brenda Heller was a nightmare. This year, a coalition of elected officials, trustees, faculty and community members held Eton Commons to hear that the Center for Petrochemical, Energy and Technology is about to return to normal.

“The last 20 months have been challenging,” says Heller. “I am amazed at the work of our staff and what they have done to help our students in difficult times. In addition to moving thousands of classes online, we did the same for our student service: For example, active recruitment, counseling, campus visits, counseling services, tutoring, financial support and veterans services.

During the outbreak of the college district, the food market spread more than ,000 140,000 to students, teachers and staff.

“We’re still doing that for someone who needs it,” she said.

In addition to the food aid, the administration identified students who needed laptops and WiFi to continue their class work. Students can still access those lending laptops and WiFi connections.

More than 93,000 graduates since 1964

175,000 enrolled in continuing and professional development courses since 1980

Since 1996, more than 100,000 Foundation Scholarships have been raised for $ 68 million

The district has grown to 2.5 million square feet of academic buildings.

12 National Athletics Championships

The Aspen Institute has named the college the last Spanish player to win the award three times.

Since 1961, 27 different board members

We were fortunate to receive dollars from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and distributed $ 32 million directly to students from the Federal Fund. These dollars were used to pay for utilities, rent, gas, food or education or books. ”

The district has canceled $ 2 million in student debt during the epidemic.

“We do this so that students can re-enroll and not attend coursework. During the 2020 semester, we helped more than 5,000 students re-learn the grade they earned or earned in F. We did this because we did not want students to go back, ”she said.

The district’s largest donor in history has created 21 Forward Scholarships with McKenzie Scott and her husband Dan Jewet for their 2021 high school graduates in their tax area.

“It allows them to study for a scholarship for up to three years in college,” Heller said.

In 60 years it has grown from 876 to 42,000.

A.D. The Chancellor recalled the 1961 first-semester enrollment of 876 first-graders. This year, 42,000 students were distributed on five campuses.

As the college expands its supply of courses, petrochemical and nursing courses are at the forefront of the list of degree programs in high demand. Heiler noted that there are more than 200 certified programs and degrees.

“This speaks to growth and opportunities as we grow and expand,” she said.

Background The college was born in mid-1962 in Pasadena, now on the center campus on Spencer Drive. The North Campus in the North Shore area opened in 1975. Four years later, the South Campus opened. Thirty-seven years later, in 2016, the Maritime Technology and Training Center opened and was recently selected by the U.S. Department of Transportation as the Center for Excellence in Naval Administration.

A few weeks ago, the College District opened its fifth campus in the Northeast at Native Park. Board approves campus proposal by McCord Development.

“It was clear that a higher education partner was needed in that area,” she said.

The campus opened in late 2020, and the first building focused on the needs of general education and academic students moving to a larger university.

“We know he is making progress and we are ready to support him,” Heller said.

The district, in collaboration with Maccord Development, is focusing on some of the recruitments focused on biofar pharmaceuticals.

“We are very happy to be a part of those original plans and to see those companies come to this area,” she said.

He said the district is strategically located at the Center for Marine, Petroleum, Health and Aerospace.

For years, the district has managed more than 55 subcontractors within NASA.

“The same goes for the space industry,” she said. “Last month we opened the Edge Center in Houston Space Station.”

Training partner for Spaceport

San Jacinto College is a Houston Spaceport training partner that offers five certifications directly supporting the space and drone industry, as well as specialized units to meet the needs of individual companies.

“Houston Airport Systems said in 18 months there will be more than 1,800 jobs in the Houston spacecraft, and we look forward to working with our partners to provide the training,” she said.

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