The shortage of truck drivers is further exacerbated by VV and Tech

Chennai, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – As the supply chain is under VV restrictions, the shortage of truck drivers will increase the pressure we are witnessing.

A.D. Since 2018, there has been a shortage of truck drivers nationwide, reaching 61,000, and if the current trend continues, the shortage will exceed 160,000 drivers by 2028.

The American Truck Association identifies key factors that prevent people from entering the trucking industry.

With more than 1 million drivers needed to be hired in the next decade, replacing retired truck drivers will be one of the biggest reasons. Complaining young people to the industry continues.

Thanks to Covi and new technology, the current cause of the industry’s growing pressure.

70 percent of Wyoming relies solely on trucks.

“We have seen an outbreak of the disease as people order online and deliver to public homes and other supplies have changed. So there has been a change in the industry and that is exacerbating the shortage. Sheila Fortchch, managing director of the Wyoming Truck Association, said.

Another obstacle is the time to get out of the house.

“The main thing is that there is no life for the driver. Always stay in the truck, ”said Gerber Singh, owner of Buttar Transport.

Attracting women and people of color to the industry remains a limited and untapped resource. Only 6.6 percent of the industry’s employees are women.

And costs for business driver’s licenses or CDLs can vary greatly, with some companies and schools covering training costs to accommodate more drivers.

“Three of the community colleges offer CDL courses in Wyoming State. They know that these are good jobs, that there are jobs that need to be filled, ”said Foretch.

In Wyoming, many drivers lost their lives as the energy sector plummeted.

“Many of our carriers are affiliated with the extraction industry, so before the outbreak we were seeing impacts on service providers because of what was happening in the coal industry and the oil and gas industry,” Fortchch said.

If the shortage of drivers continues, automated vehicles and technology-based supplies could have an impact on the industry.

“Truck drivers are very important and if we want our goods to reach us, we have to start paying attention to getting more people behind that truck,” Foresch said.

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