The shipping industry can generate 75% of its oil revenue – Nimasa

The Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Security Agency, Dr. Beshir Jamho, said the country could generate 75 percent of its revenue from the oil sector.

The agency emphasized its efforts to develop the blue economy in collaboration with the country’s littoral states.

“Ship oil is an option and Nigeria’s shipping sector can generate three-quarters of the country’s income,” said Jammoh, who led the delegation during a visit to Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki. The oil sector.

To that end, we are engaging in grazing lands in Nigeria to develop strategies to increase the capacity of the sector over the next 10 years as countries aim to end fossil fuels in Nimassa.

He commended the Edo State government for the Benin River Port project, which he said would be a boost to the region’s revenue.

Cano, Plato, and Gomon are among the states that have invested heavily in the development of domestic dry ports, although they are not underground.

According to Obaseki, the Benin River Port project is crucial and strategic for the Nigerian economy, and the regional government is willing to work with Nimassa to make the project a reality.

He said: “Edo State is a link to Nigeria and therefore plays a strategic role in the transport of goods to other parts of the country. You can connect East and West from Edo in two hours; So, that means within six hours, goods from Lagos and Apapa will be everywhere in the country.

“We are finding this port in one of Nigeria’s largest and richest coastal gas reserves. You can imagine that this power is there to drive any industrial development that is needed.

According to the Nimassa chief, the Edo River Port project is a testament to Edo’s support for shipping.

He said the agency is ready to provide scholarships to Greek nationals under the age of 25 to study marine related courses.
Source – The Punch

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