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Tragic ending: Aneshia “Smalley” Lewis. –

Anicia “Samili” Lewis and I left Diego Martin with her friend last Friday, without knowing what she was going to do with her family. The last swim.

A search by relatives, friends, pedestrians and police found Lewis dead on Sunday morning when his body was found in the Westmore Sea. Strong river waves are believed to have drowned Lewis from the water, and his body was eventually washed away.

Police found the body of a 37-year-old woman at the mouth of the river at the mouth of the river near La Rivera towers in West Moorings at 7:50 a.m. Sunday.

Police have also confirmed several reports on social media that two other bodies have been found to be completely false, including several media outlets.

Police found the body of the woman in the waters near Trinidad Yacht Club on Sunday. Around 9.45 am, coast guard officers found Lewis’s body.

After the body was positively identified by family members who moved to Westmongers, the body was taken to the Forensic Science Center in St. James for autopsy.

Family: IT There was no walking

Relatives refused to speak to Newsday on Sunday, but Luis said he was not part of any walking group.

“It was common to go up the hill to that river,” said her sister Crystal. She and her friend Sandy went there last Friday. She was not with the group or on any walk. ”

Residents say it is common to visit the Palmite River, the Blue Basin and other water courses in the area, especially on hot days.

Sea Search – Antecia “Smelly” Louis after bathing in the Fund Palmycate River in Diego Martin, TTPS Coast and River Division Air Force officers looking for the Gulf of Paris. Her body was found Sunday at sea near Westmore. Photo Court TTPS – TTPS

Newsday The area was already wet after a strong wind on Friday. However, heavy rains and heavy rains at about 2:00 pm caused a tidal wave that dragged Lewis down.

According to Newsday, Lewis and her friend met other people on the water’s edge of the river, but decided to leave when the water began to recede.

Relatives say that when she was walking along the river, her little friend Sandy, who was able to get out of the river, said she was struggling. When Sandy looked back at Lewis, she disappeared.

The villagers, as well as the hunters’ rescue and rescue team, the TPS Air Support Unit, the TTPS Coast and River Division, the Fire Service and the Defense Forces, finally did a futile search for Louis.

Simply up

On a walk

TT President Michael Jatan expressed his condolences to the Lewis family and advised people to refrain from walking temporarily, given the series of days of extreme weather.

He said that if a group is allowed to walk five hard or less, this is not suitable for water courses such as rivers, especially in water courses such as rivers. Problems in the water.

“As a general rule of thumb, if there is heavy rain at any time, one should avoid water courses,” Jattan said on Sunday.

Last Thursday, Metech’s office issued a severe weather warning for both islands. At around midnight on Thursday, moderate rains and thunderstorms could affect the area, which has a high potential for heavy rains and strong winds, the office said.

The severe weather warning is expected to end at 2pm on Friday, but the heat wave has been extended to 8pm on Saturday. At 3:00 pm on Saturday, a severe weather warning was issued, but by then many houses had lost their roofs and parts of the country were without electricity. Trees were cut down and landslides were reported.

The Metech Office has issued a dangerous sea warning from Sunday to Friday, saying that strong swells from the northeast to the east will affect areas near the beaches exposed to TT.

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