The real reason is that Joe Manchini is ruining the United States’ clean energy plan.

US Senator Joe Manchin III (D-WV) opposes his own political party’s clean energy program. And because none of the Republicans support the infrastructure program, it has the potential to reduce US global warming and carbon offset the US plan to reduce the Paris Agreement by 2050. Why he opposes it. it is? Of Charleston newspaper-mail He posted it yesterday.

Manchini’s “official” reason

The $ 150 billion clean electricity program is a carrot and stick approach. Rewards utilities converted from fossil fuels into clean energy, and punishes those who do not.

Manchini’s spokesman Sam Rooney wrote in an email New York Times:

Senator Manchin has made it clear that he is concerned about using taxpayers’ dollars to pay for what companies are doing. It continues to support efforts to combat climate change by protecting US energy independence and ensuring our energy security.

The reason given by Manchi through his spokesperson is absurd. Most U.S. utilities are doing very little when it comes to clean energy. They need both carrots and sticks. January Electro Reported

Sera Club analysts have reviewed plans for 79 operating companies owned by 50 parent companies and scored points for each service in line with plans to retire by 2030, stop building new gas plants and build new clean energy.

Sierra Club will then provide you with a map of the United States and a test to see who is succeeding and who is not.

Destroyer! There are many levels D and F above A or B.

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Your real reason

So what’s going on with you? West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (RWW) said:

Not really.

Yes, the program is to destroy coal and natural gas. But I don’t think you really care about being fired. As I wrote in April:

I watched as Senator Joe Manchini (DWW) and Cecil Roberts, president of the American Coal Association, discussed the transition from coal to renewable goods with the National Press Club in Apalchia. (You can see the whole thing here.) It was an interesting and interesting discussion. Coal workers are really worried about future jobs and training as their industry declines, but I haven’t heard of a concrete map from your coal mine.

Of course, Manchini, the chairman of the US Energy and Natural Resources Committee, should be able to speak openly and deeply about renewable adoption and job creation instead of talking about carbon emissions and disintegration opportunities. Roberts even called for federal support for the production of wind turbines and solar panels in Apalchia, and planned a new report for the union (although it still relied on coal).

And even Roberts – everyone knows that coal is breathing the last breath. Even Roberts is willing to switch to clean energy jobs!

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The real reason he doesn’t return your pure energy?


Manchini earns a lot of money from fossil fuels outside of West Virginia. They belong to him.

Of Charleston newspaper-mail In summary:

Offshore Oil and Gas Companies Employees and Political Action Committees – Most of which are based in Texas – have received little in the way of state contributions. [West Virginia] According to the senator’s new quarterly campaign finance report, more than a dozen individuals and political action committees.

You can read the full examples of energy and environmentalist Mike Tony. Newspaper-mail, But here are some interesting examples

Manchin reported less than $ 1.6 million in funding for West Virginia, the Senate Campaign Committee, in the quarter, with $ 5.38 million left in cash.

More than a quarter of the $ 1.6 million comes from the oil and gas industry. Only $ 30,000 was raised from individuals and political action committees in West Virginia.

Manchin Enersystems Inc., a Fermont-based coal broker, has earned $ 4.35 million since 2012. Based on the United States Senate financial statements established in 1988. He denies that his benefits have affected his policy of influencing the coal industry. However, he refused to hand over the property, claiming that it belonged to a superstition and therefore would avoid conflict of interest.

As a result, fossil fuels cost $ 400,000 a quarter. And guess who is the biggest recipient of oil and gas, mining and coal money, not just in the Senate. all of them Congress? Manchin. (Number 2 for utilities.)

Take Electrek

I’m angry about this, and I’m a little scared. I don’t want to be dramatic, but it’s bad.

Let’s break it down a little (no words) ፡ We are in a global climate emergency. China may be the No. 1 polluter in the world, but the US is the No. 2 and everyone in the United States has twice as much carbon emissions as anyone in China. In addition, the US exports more carbon than any other country – so it is America’s problem to solve this.

When Biden was elected, the United States immediately signed an executive order to join the Paris Agreement. He emphasized the importance of decontamination and has a plan. A.D. By 2030, the US has promised to reduce emissions by 50% to 2005 levels.

For those who know that the future of mankind depends on the scales, there is hope. The infrastructure bill holds my breath. I even find it difficult to see the negotiation process.

The Biden Pure Energy Program is fundamental to that plan. Not only America but the whole world needs it. We can no longer wait.

And just a few weeks before the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, that plan is going to be ruined by one person.

One man’s greed is affecting 7.75 billion people worldwide. That is not stubbornness.

And is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Miracle Hope.

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