The president angrily called NNPC GMD over the sale of N3 billion slop oil

Enjoy two consecutive investigative reports on Premium Times procurement irregularities and sophisticated justice. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the president this week summoned Mele Kiyarin, the corporation’s director of team management (GMD), to Villa.

The GMD was summoned, under his supervision, to explain how a complex web dumped 30 million liters of dripping oil in violation of public procurement rules by the country’s authorities.

Slope oil is the only alternative to LPFO, a fractional product, due to the inability of the Canadian, Port Harcourt and Warri refineries to produce low-density lipoprotein (LPFO) in 44 months of extensive rehabilitation practice. Distillation used to heat heaters in manufacturing facilities, including cement factories.

Alternatively, most of the country’s production facilities will be closed by thousands of workers.

As a result, Nigeria’s oil reserves are considered a national strategic reserve. This is a stock that has been nurtured by cash-strapped NPCCCCCC executives and sold to export-oriented companies.

The NPC’s move has angered local stakeholders who see the transaction as an insult to President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy of supporting local manufacturing industries in line with the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan.

On Tuesday, Mele Kiyari, who was present at the presidential villa, told the Premium Times that he had been summoned.

In preparation for the inevitable difficult roasting session, NNPC GMD, our sources, quickly convened a meeting of all GEDs to organize the defense team. Gathered as he went on a written defense.

Premium Times NPCCCCCC.C. All shortcomings exposed the controversial bidding process in the export sector by three preferred bidders.

According to the newspaper’s checks, the first two bidders were held by one director.

Just as Mele Kiyari faced instability during the first questioning session, NGGEE chief Mustafa Yakuba, head of the refinery, and Ahmed Dikko, managing director of the Port Harcourt refinery, feared for their lives. Mr. Deco is said to have organized the controversial bid.

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Some NPC officials, industrialists, said they wanted to extract the precious oil from a single source and sell it to consumers at a lower price.

When bidding for a single source in the eyes of procurement laws was not forthcoming, they bid for a fraudulent cosmetic contest.

The bidding process was even more embarrassing when none of the selected companies could pay for the winning product.

When Sig Oil and Gas Limited could not pay, the bid was awarded to the second bidder, Synthesis Integrated Oil, which was worth less than N180 million.

Both Synthesis Oil and Signal Oil are owned by the same directors. When Synthesis Oil could not pay again, the allocation was awarded to third-place winner Corp Energy Limited, with bidding less than N180 million from Synthesis Oil and N360 million less than the original bidder Signal Oil.

The reason for this complex process by NPC officials is part of the puzzle that the president is trying to unravel.

Gede Mustafa Yaqub, the head of the refinery, is said to be struggling to control Mr Deacon, a close partner of the GMD. Mr Kiyari was able to control both the message between Jacob and Deacon Saga in response to the president’s request to return to NNPC GMD with Petroleum Minister Timpire Silva until next week.

The NPC has repeatedly asked questions in this newspaper to comment on the matter.

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