The oil and gas industry is trying to survive hurricanes and epidemics


The oil and gas industry had already been hit by the epidemic, and now it is devastating to Louisiana, causing natural disasters.

On the pumps, the prices are not what we see. Gas prices have been rising for months and the supply has failed to meet consumer demand, forcing people to pay more in Pam.

“The Gulf of Mexico is a major source of oil and gas in the United States, and the cost of recovering from the hurricane off the coast of Louisiana is rising and rising,” said Stephen Lewernz, spokesman for the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association.

According to Loga, many beach platforms have not been affected by Ida, but the industry is still reeling from the epidemic.

“The port of Fortcho and the Grand Island are still operating at a limited capacity, and it is a challenge to re-employ the platforms,” Lewerz said.

Three weeks after the fall of Ida, many refineries in the region are still powerless and, according to experts, attempts to get fuel from platforms to gas stations are creating issues such as oil and gas movement.

Lewronz said there is currently no deadline for recovery to lower those gas prices.

“It will be very difficult to say when we will see a sharp drop in prices in the coming weeks and months,” Lewerz said.

The average gas price in the capital today is about $ 2.83.


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